Wednesday, April 11, 2012

April 11th - Outfit #9 - Nothing Gold Can Stay

Nothing Gold Can Stay - Robert Frost

Nature's first green is gold
Her hardest hue to hold.
Her early leaf's a flower;
But only so an hour.
Then leaf subsides to leaf.
So Eden sank to grief,
So dawn goes down to day.
Nothing gold can stay.
My dear Inigo
Today was the worst day I've had in a long time...

I really needed to "fake it till you feel it" today, so I wore my deep gold blouse.
This is new from Dots, picked up last month. It's Simon Chang, was $39.99 (plus some extra discount, I've forgotten what), but I used my Dots gift card from my Winesday gals (leftover from my birthday in October) and got it free.

I liked the longer length. I recall this length (only much baggier) being very trendy in 1985-86, only I didn't buy new - I raided Dad's closet for his shirts.
The sleeves are perma-scrunched like that, which I liked.

I've had this skirt for a couple of years (last worn here back in July!). I love that it has so much embroidery on it, and the metal discs give it a nice edge. The pattern also goes all the way around the skirt - that's one of my beefs with things that are decorated on the front: why not do the back too?

My yellow Tsubos get another wear (last time here):
I was really struggling to smile all day.

I wore my Grandma J's 70s/80s Anne Klein necklace.
I love those shoes.

Blouse (Simon Chang), skirt (Bianca Nygard), shoes (Tsubos), necklace (Grandma J, vintage 70s or 80s, Anne Klein), earrings (Aldo Accessories).

We had a little time after work with Inigo. He climbed up on the dresser to look out the window.
You were gold, my sweet boy. 

Inigo (2003-2012)


Thank you everyone for your comments. I've read every one, and it's really hard to keep it together (I'm crying as I write this), so forgive me for not responding to you individually. It means a lot to know everyone loved him, and to know that you'll all be giving your own fuzzy loved ones an extra snuggle for him tonight. For those of you who have lost your own furry companions, we bow our heads in memory.

Vizzini is sleeping on me as I write. We will be sure to give him lots of love and attention, and I'm sure he'll be photobombing me again soon. 


  1. I am so,so sorry for the loss of your beautiful kitty Inigo. My husband and I lost our precious Tuxie Dommie to cardiomegaly/pulmonary edema over three years ago, but still sometimes expect to see her sweet face peering around a corner in the house. A prayer to St Francis for Inigo... God bless the family who loved him so well...

  2. I know there is nothing any of us can say to take away the pain, but know we are all here to help you through it.
    And at least you chose yellow for a colour scheme - being the same colour as sunshine (at least as represented in drawing so many of us hung on the fridge as kids), it should help to lighten your mood a little more each day.

  3. Take care, pretty kitty lady. Inigo obviously had a wonderful life with you, up to and including your compassionate handling of his death. I have been there, with cats and dogs; heck, my daughter's fish just died and I'm upset about that! It's so hard to lose a pet. Hugs to you.

  4. I am so sorry for your loss, I can't even imagine what you're going through. I've been reading your blog for a few years now and seeing Inigo has always made me smile. My heart goes out to you and L. I will also be giving my furbaby an extra big hug tonight.

  5. Sheila, I'm so sorry. Sending my deepest sympathy, love, and virtual hugs to you guys tonight.

  6. That's always been a favorite poem. You look lovely today, so fitting. **hugs**

  7. Inigo was loved. I know I'm giving my little furred ones lots of extra love this weekend. I'll miss your little guy.

    As for less sad things, you have a great eye for picking out the richest shades of yellow. That blouse is what I've scoured thrift stores for. I did manage to score another acid-green piece today.

    You're spot on with the whole design carrying around the whole garment. We're 3 dimensional, our garments should be interesting on more than just the front.

  8. Such a special, loving and beautiful kitty. So very sorry for your loss and crying with you...

  9. Oh Sheila! I'm so sorry. Your poem and photo choices for him are exquisite.

    Also crying with/for you. Virtual hugs.

  10. I am so sorry from the bottom of my heart -
    I am crying too.
    Hugs pretty lady.

  11. I am crying after reading your post, so just a few words for now. My heart goes out to you, L, and Vizzini. My heart still hearts from losing my Puka in February, so reading about Inigo has opened up wounds. I never met Inigo, but he came alive for me in the photos and through your writing. His life was short, but I know it was a good one. He was a blessing to you, and you were a blessing to him. I hope that he is playing with my Puka beyond the Rainbow Bridge now. Godspeed, Inigo. You will be remembered and always loved...

  12. Just (((hugs))) from me Take care x

  13. I am so sorry. Sending you lots of love and hugs.

  14. My heart aches for you. Interwebby hugs for you and L and Vizzini.

  15. Hugs Sheila. Losing a pet is like losing a family member...Rest in peace dear Inigo.

  16. I am so sorry to see the last photos of Inigo :( Thinking of you right now.

  17. Your choice of poem for Inigo is so perfect, and so touching. He was a lucky boy to have been loved by you, and you were blessed by him. The gold may pass, but love goes on! Love and hugs to you.

  18. Oh, Sheila, I am crying with you. Sweet Inigo will be very missed. I hope he is happier, playing with your Othello and my Sophie. At least you know he isn't in any more pain. Big hugs to you, my friend.

  19. (((HUGS)))
    none of us need a response; you know that.
    so sorry to hear of your loss. we all loved inigo almost as much as you did. i know he + othello are basking and playing together now.

  20. Sheila, I am so sorry for your loss of Indigo. Pets are part of our families and it's very painful to have them leave. He was always such an active part of your blog. My thoughts are with you and the beautiful poem is a worthy tribute.

  21. Sending you TONS of love, Sheila.

  22. So sorry for your loss! I loved seeing Inigo in your posts. Losing a furry friend is so hard. Sending lots of sympathy your way.

  23. I'm very sorry for your kitty!
    we love and we loose those we love, and sometimes it starts to seem that the whole life is about losing the loved ones. But still we have to go on and try to smile again, and try to love again.

    I love your brave attitude and the lovely golden blouse.

  24. Nothing but hugs for you. Words can't make it better, I know that much.

    I love your choice of yellow even on such a dark day - and it is such a rich beautiful color on you.

  25. {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
    He'll be waiting at the Rainbow Bridge for you

  26. Crying with you, Sheila. Thank you for sharing him with us.

    Judy S.

  27. Crying. Inigo looks so much like my sweet kitty, and I've been reading your posts for the last few days with mounting dread... I'm sorry for your loss. I'm sorry words aren't enough. :(

  28. Oh, Sheila. I'm so very sorry...I've been reading your blog for a while now, loving your sense of style and writing...and adoring your meow-cats, as I lost my two two years ago, within six months of each other. Your darling Inigo will be missed by all--thank you for sharing with us. Hugs to you and to L., and big kisses and pets for Vizzini.


  29. I am so sorry for your loss of sweet Inigo. I loved seeing him in your posts.

  30. He was loved. No greater gift can be given to either a human or a cat. Sending y'all (Vizzini included) my sympathy. {{hugs}}

  31. I'm crying too. Poor sweet boy. =( I'm giving my Tuxedo cat extra snuggles today.

    Much love to you!

  32. Aka ReaderRita
    I am so sorry for the loss of your sweet golden boy Inigo- I hope that he is now basking in a golden warming ray of sunshine somewhere, free from any pain, looking at you and L with lovey eyes from afar. He will always be with you.

  33. My deepest condolences to you and L on your loss. May Inigo rest in peace.

  34. I'm so sorry for your loss, Shiela. There's some major water-works going on over here in CA (in my work cubicle of all places!). I know from experience what it's like to lose a pet family member to sickness and have to put them down before they are in too much pain. I'm just so glad that you gave him the gift of a peaceful passing instead of a stressed-out, uncomfortable one. I think he is walking over that rainbow bridge right now very grateful to you loving him and for making his time on earth so wonderful. **Hugs** to you and L and Mr. Vizzini.

  35. Sheila, I am so sorry for your loss. Hugs!

  36. Now you've gone and made me cry. My condolences, Sheila. It's so hard to bear this loss. My Moozy and Cat Mama are welcoming Inigo to their eternal playground. Hang on to your memories.


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