Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Apr 24th - Outfit #19 - Rocker Chick

Today's outfit is one of my favourites so far this month:
I'm sure I've done a similar outfit before...let's see...yup, here's a really similar look from 2010.

This shirt (last seen here) is staying in my wardrobe post-capsule; I love ruffles on shirt, but I'm normally way too boobtastic to do them. This shirt just has the right amount.
I adore the skirt (last seen here) and loved wearing it again today.

It's the accessories that make this outfit, I think. I'm wearing a turquoise cami underneath the hot pink shirt, and my purple shoes (last worn here) just seemed to go. The shoes are not the most practical ones I own, but I love them and they don't kill my feet.

I messed with everyone at work with these nylons:
A few people asked if I had tattoos on my legs! Um, no. These nylons are by Voila! and the regular price was $25.99 - I paid $5.99 which is way more reasonable, considering they popped a toe on the way to work. Arg!

Pretty accessories:
Both gifts from L! Such good taste that man has. The silver one is by Fossil, and the other is handmade (it's sterling silver with semi-precious stones). The stone cuff never stays on - it's too big on my wrist and just slides off. Today I decided to just tie it onto my wrist with some black ribbon.

I pulled out more of the purple in the jewelry:
Some vintage earrings, assorted charms and my flaming skulls belt (I'm such a badass, hee). I stole the belt buckle from L's belt.

Off to my WW meeting!

Blouse (Esprit, consignment), skirt (Hemmingway, vintage 80s, consignment), shoes (Friis & Co.), cami (Esprit), belt (consignment), silver bracelet (Fossil), stone cuff (gift from L, handmade).


  1. That leather skirt looks so luxe. The tights are awesome, sorry about the blowout. That's why I stick to cotton tights when I can. Or just suffer barelegs. The nylons do make a cool impression though!

  2. Great pieces assembling into a superb outfit.

  3. I like this outfit - nothing wrong with wearing similar outfits if you've enjoyed them before :) Love the tights, shame they got a hole in them! Really like your idea to tie the bracelet with a ribbon too, I'll remember that for future use! :)

  4. Wonderful outfit and those stocking are a great little surprise. You are totally a bad ass!

  5. Yes, the stockings are totally fab. And your leather skirt is always a star, you look so cool in it!

  6. The color of your blouse highlights your hair and love the color of your shoes. The jewelry and stockings make the outfit shine!

  7. Sheila: Love the colour combo! I like a bit of ruffle on blouses, as I have the opposite problem - no bustline at all! However, we can adjust that little problem with a bra and stuffing!!
    Those stockings/tights are terrific!
    You were right about lilac/cornflower blue with my white hair and fair skin. Got a little t-shirt for summer, but definitely look for more of the colour. Thanks for the suggestion.
    Peg - UI

  8. That is a cool outfit. I love all the accessories, especially those stockings.

  9. Giggling over "boobtastic." Unfortunately, I have never had that problem :P But I love the deep wine color and pretty fabric of your blouse, and as always I'm immediately drawn to your fabo shoes, and all your other lovely details.


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