Sunday, April 22, 2012

Apr 20th - Outfit #17 - Casual Friday - Sheer

We've been so busy this weekend with the Victoria Steam Expo, that I nearly forgot about Friday's outfit.
This blouse is the last "fresh" item in this month's capsule. Now, every piece has been worn and I'm in the home stretch of one more week of outfits, always the time when I start grouching about my clothes. Heh.

This blouse was last worn here, nearly a year ago! I guess I have to question why it's still in my wardrobe, although I do really like it. I also wore it here, and originally here. Considering I only paid $6.50 for it in a thrift store a couple of years ago, that's not too bad.
I'm wearing a raspberry cami (not part of the capsule) under the blouse so that I'm modestly covered.

My denim maxi makes another appearance (last seen here, last 2 outfits), and my Fluevog Pearl Harts also got worn again (last seen here, with the same obi). I wore them barefoot, which was not the greatest for walking around town on my lunch and running errands.
I do love the look of them. More wear is needed to break them in.

Blouse (Express, thrifted), cami (swap from Ruth), skirt (InWear, consignment), obi (Smoking Lily), shoes (Pearl Hart Bellevues, Fluevog), earrings (Erica Weiner), gold leaf (found item).

I'll have a ton of pictures from the Steam Expo, including all 3 of my outfits. Hello to all the cool people I met!


  1. It’s actually a nice and useful piece of post. I am glad that you simply shared with us. Thanks!

  2. Seeing you in that denim skirt makes me NEED one!! It looks so versatile! Love the outfit!
    Can't wait to to see the Steam stuff!

  3. So awesome that you have a Steampunk Expo. Must be tonnes of fun.

    Love those Smoking Lily obi belts. I wish I had more than the one I have. Is that one silk?

    1. It's silk and cotton (the purple side is cotton, the printed side is silk). My other two obis are silk.

  4. I like this graceful look, Sheila - it looks like from another century, but very modern at the same time. Great shoes!

  5. Love the obi belt. I need to get one of those: I can see how they complete an outfit.

  6. I like the blouse--is it black or a charcoal gray. Can't wait to see the steampunk looks.

    1. Terri, it's actually a soft bluey-grey, mostly blue. I use it like navy.

  7. One of my fav looks from this month. I love the all the colors. Maybe you could try layering the sheer blouse under something? My sheer ones have been my go-to for layering when I don't want to add bulk. Can't wait to hear all about the Expo!

  8. Oh this skirt has such a marvelous shape.... and the colors are perfect.
    I am trying to get a close up of your leaf necklace, it¡s a beautiful piece.


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