Sunday, March 11, 2012

Mar 9th - Wild Card Outfit; Mar 10th - Outfits #9 and #10, and Some Very Bad News

We got a new computer this weekend, so sorry for not being around. Lots of things going on...and not all of it good. But first things first, this is a fashion blog. 

I used my March Wild Card option on Friday night to wear this new-to-me corduroy dress that I got on consignment a couple of weeks ago:
We went to the Art Gallery, to their Urbanite event (hello again, Gregory!) - the theme was "Throw Down" so I'm doing my best Emma Peele pose there. I felt pretty kickass.

The dress is by Kitchen Orange. I have another dress by them (also worn to the Art Gallery before here).
I love the neckline on this and the slashed flared sleeves.

This dress has a slightly dropped waist and a fabric belt around the hips. It has quite a 60s vibe, I think.
I realized yesterday that this is Audi's pose! 
I don't know if this dress is all that flattering on me - I think I might pass it on to someone else.
Trying to find a pose that looks good. Arg.

I did like the leopard tights and the red boots with it - the boots are from this capsule (last seen here).

A shot of the collar.
Black is so hard to photograph - the detail never shows. The dress was $39.00 on consignment, but free with my trade-in credit.

Dress (Kitchen Orange, consignment), tights (Le Chateau), boots (Miz Mooz), snake ring (vintage 80s), ring (Wendy Brandes).

I got up bright and early to go work at the WW centre. This called for a new outfit!
The squid skirt again (last worn here), the Hama Hama (last worn here) top worn backwards, and the fresh item, the olive sleeveless cardigan (last seen here).

A little lumpy, but it was 7:30am. I was tired from the Art Gallery event.
My comfy boots for walking and standing. I wore them last here.

It turned out that the person I was filling in for had double-booked both me and another woman. Good for me - I didn't really want to work anyway, ha ha! But I stayed for a meeting (down a bit, only 4.5 pounds to go!), then met up with L and Nick for lunch. 

Cardigan (Kersh), top (Smoking Lily "Hama Hama"), skirt (Jacob, thrifted), boots (Hispanitas, consignment), belt/earrings (Plum), wristlet (Club Monaco).

After lunch, L and I had to run an errand. I'll get to that in a minute - it was a nuclear bomb in the middle of our weekend.

We went out for dinner on Sat night to a nice Italian restaurant. We always dress up when we eat out.
Vizzini is locked up for his dinner so that he doesn't eat Inigo's - he is a voracious monster!
My lovely Desigual dress (last seen here). I bought this in London, England, about 2 years ago, in May 2010. Coincidentally, Megan of The Fashionable Bureaucrat has the exact same dress! Check it out here. What I find funny is that she got hers in Paris. Two Canadian gals, on opposite sides of the country, both went to Europe and bought the same dress. Bizarre!

I adore Megan's style - she has very similar taste to me (hee hee). She's got way more Fluevogs than me (like, WAY more), she has Smoking Lily, Noa Noa, and we have the same dress.
Vizzini really wants out.
I last wore this dress in September with teal tights. I wore the shoes here.

Dress (Desigual), shoes (Le Chateau), leather rose cuff (consignment), ring (Wendy Brandes).


So. Our nuclear bomb.

Over the last few weeks, we'd noticed Inigo heaving a bit when breathing, and sometimes he would cough, like when cats hack up hairballs, but more of a dry cough. We debated for a while: should we take him to the vet?

After some hemming and hawing, we decided to take him in. The vet listened to his heart and his chest and recommended a couple of x-rays, to which we agreed. If only humans could get x-rayed so fast!

Well, the x-rays were not good. He has a mass in his lungs. Instead of 100% capacity, he is at about 20%. The vet was shocked that he was in such good shape. It could be fluid, but more likely it is a massive tumour.
The cats doing their thing last night. Inigo sat in his Fluevog box while Vizzini stared psychotically.
We went back today for a consultation with another vet, because we were just reeling from the news yesterday and couldn't really take it all in, and of course, we had tons of questions. The upshot: we'll be taking him to a specialist on Thursday to do an MRI to see if we can tell if it's a tumour. If it's fluid, they may tap his chest cavity to try to relieve the pressure on his lungs, but (if it's fluid) it will come back.

It's not positive. He may have days to live. His condition could rapidly deteriorate and he would drown in in his fluids - it could happen while we're at work.
My sweet boy.
It seems so unfair! We just lost our dear Othello less than 2 years ago. Inigo is only 11 years old, and we thought we would have so many years with him.

The thing that really kills us is that he seems fine. He wrestles with Vizzini. He chirps at us and runs for his food, which he continues to gobble down. He is a major purr-meister, as always.
Kitties snoozing together on the couch last night.
If it turns out to be a tumour...I don't know what we'll do. Neither of us wants to put him through the strain and stress of surgery, and it wouldn't be a good chance that he would come through it.
Look at that lovey face! He's making happy paws.
We don't want him to suffer (and right now he's not at all)...but we're going away in a couple of weeks for a few days and it would be awful if anything were to happen to him while we were away.

We're trying to enjoy our time with him - and he is loving all the extra attention. L and I are both a mess (I am losing it just typing this out), but trying to stay normal. His quality of life right now is good and he's happy.
Vizzini is ever-vigilant.
We don't know how much time we'll have with him, so please forgive my indulgence for going on about him here. I know Inigo is much-beloved by my dear readers - please send your best good vibes to our sweet, dear friend. I'll keep you posted on his condition.


  1. Oh, Sheila, I'm so sorry to read about this. I'm sending lots of positive vibes to Inigo and to you.

  2. Dear Sheila,
    Please just let Inigo tell you what he wants. Enjoy his love and give him yours and you'll know what to do. Sending all of you my love.

    PS; you look amazing.


  3. I like the new dress! Sounds like it was a fun event. I think it would be more flattering if you moved the belt up or removed it entirely imo. However, I tend to hoard dresses with sleeves whenever I find one I like.

    Also Hooray for Megan! I love her style (and her!~) I was so happy to stumble across her blog when she was first starting out.

    When I saw your blog title, I got the worst feeling in the pit of my stomach. Poor, poor Inigo. Your boys have become my midweek kitty fix. Sending good vibes, lots of prayers, and an extra helping of support. I'm hoping for the best news, and all you can do is make him as comfortable and happy in life. <3

  4. So sorry. I am crying too. Believe me, I know.

  5. Oh, Sheila, news like this would make me a nervous wreck. I hope the news is favorable after Tuesday's visit with the vet. I know our black cat came up missing a couple of years ago, and just as we were resigning ourselves to believing that he was "gone," he showed up--5 weeks later, having lost significant weight. We believe he'd been locked inside a room on a construction project across the street!

  6. Sheila sweet,
    I am praying for Inigo and for you and L as you've gotten this terrible news. Keep snuggling him and each other as much as you can! xo

  7. Oh, Sheila, I am so sorry about Inigo! That's awful, and so hard to believe. I am shocked; he looks like he so healthy. Good thoughts and vibes to all of you. Give him as many kisses as he will let you! He is so sweet, and much beloved.

  8. I'm sorry to hear about Inigo. Sending you hugs!

  9. Omg, I'm so sorry to hear your kitty is ill!!! I hope he does ok & can enjoy his time with you & vice versa. It's so rough when you don't know what's going on too. Definitely thinking good thoughts for you!

  10. Oh no, that's terrible news (((hugs)))

  11. Oh! NO, no!! Here is a mega blast of GOOD VIBES your way to your family and Inigo. I am so sorry to hear this news.

  12. Sending good vibes. I'm tearing up reading this: Inigo is lucky to have you guys.

  13. I'm so sorry to hear about Inigo. I hope you get some good cuddle time with him!

  14. I am so so sorry to hear about Inigo :( I can't imagine how you feel. I really hope there is something that the vet can do for him to make him better!

    Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

  15. Oh no. No, no, no. This is awful. I am so sorry. Hugs to you from the wilds of MN, and ear-scratchings to Inigo. Hang in there, hon.

  16. Oh no!!!! {{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}I'll definitely be sending up some good thought for him (and his humans!)
    Your outfits are really cute--love the dress!

  17. Oh, sweetest boy, Inigo! My heart goes out to you. We also love our kitties "too much", because when they are sick, we fall apart. I have tears in my eyes, and I will send the best healing thoughts to Inigo.

  18. Oh Sheila, I'm so sorry for the scary news about Inigo. I'm so glad he is still feeling good and playing and eating well. Just take it day by day. I so hate that much loved pets cannot be here longer. Take care!

  19. I am so sad, Sheila, and know how devastating this is for you all. Inigo is one of the all-time great kitty cats. I love him. Sending lots of hugs your way.

    Judy S.

  20. I love your dresses - I have to tell you that first.

    But man, my heart aches for you, your boys remind me so much of my girls and I am so sorry Inigo is not doing well - I'm sending you good vibes and hope that maybe things will be ok. Give him a pat for me.

  21. Long time follower, first time commenter. I love your style and I think the dress looks great on you!

    I'm so sorry to hear about Inigo. Hang in there. Sending good wishes and prayers!


  22. Aw, Sheila, that's so sad! I really hope it all turns out in the end, whatever the best case scenario happens to be. Hugs.

  23. Oh no, poor Inigo! poor you and L, so hard when they are not well and you have to try to decide what is best to do for them. this is the hard part of pet ownership - I hope and pray that he will be okay for a while yet.

  24. So sorry, Sheila. Our pets never live long enough. We have two dogs aged 14 and 12, so we know where you are coming from. Hard decisions ahead, perhaps. Peg - UI

  25. Don't you Dare do anything other than wear that dress again & again!! You look absolutely smashing in that entire outfit, head to toe! Love the touch of animal (which I try to do often) & have never seen animal print tights--must get some.

    I had to stop reading the instant I read you were thinking of passing it on--oh, please, never never! Now, to get back to reading the rest of your blog...

  26. Oh, sweet blogging friend, I'm so sorry. I am sending extra good vibes to Inigo and you right now. The poor fuzzy guy. Please keep us updated on his condition. I sooo hope it's fluid that can be drained.

    Thinking of you.

    xo, A-Dubs

  27. Sending all my hopes and prayers your way. Please keep us posted and feel the love and support that surrounds you.

  28. I'm so sorry about poor little Inigo. =( We lost our cat Jimmy 5 years ago and I miss him every day. I dread the day that we have to deal with that again. I'm hoping you get the best possible outcome after the MRI. Poor little kitteh.

    (This seems unimportant when you're dealing with such heavy issues, but I love the Desigual dress with the pink tights. And the squid skirt is AWESOME!)

  29. Oh my goodness. Poor you and poor Inigo - but he looks so good - so shiney and healthy! Such a beautiful boy... He must have some more time left?! Massive hugs to you all, this is so sad if it is indeed as dire as feared...

  30. Oh Sheila I am so sorry to her that. Sending much love Inigo's way...

  31. Oh Sheila, I am so sorry!! I look forward to Inigo and Vizzini appearances in your blog and am heartbroken to hear that Inigo is so ill. I adore that handsome face; he reminds me of my Baxter. Please know that you, L, Vizzini, and Inigo are in my thoughts and prayers. {{hugs}}

  32. We lost our much-beloved older cat to renal failure last autumn, and it was just ghastly. I'm still not fully over it.

    Best wishes and fingers crossed for your lovely boy.

  33. Oh Sheila, I am so sorry to hear this news. It is so hard to have one of our dearest fur friends sick. We love them so much and they give us so much back, but it is so hard to see them unwell.
    I shall send good thoughts his way.

  34. I actually like the 60s vibe of the dress--keep it!

    Sending positive healing vibes to Indigo :)

  35. Sheila, I know how much our fur-children mean to us, and I am so sorry to hear the news about Inigo. I'm sending hopeful prayers and healing wishes your way.

  36. I'm so sorry your little man is sick. Sending all of you big, big hugs. xx

  37. Sheilia I am so sorry about your kitty. I love your blog, I am a lurker but I had to post and say love and prayers coming your way for your baby. I have two, Dink and Blossom and the thought of them being sick is so hard for me to even consider. Praying for you all. Love and blessings to you.

  38. Oh hon, I'm so very, very sorry. It's just gut-wrenching to get that kind of news about a beloved pet. I'll be sending lots of healing vibes out to Inigo.

  39. Have never commented before - so sorry your beloved kitty is so ill. Sending good vibes and lots of hugs to you all- Linda

  40. Oh Sheila, I am so sad to hear this. It is amazing to me how wonderfully selfless animals are. We lost our 12 year lab-great dane mix Dec 2010, and I am still not over it. He too had a massive tumor and despite that he was putting on such a brave face, still wanting to cuddle and have fun and chase popcorn right until the very end despite being severely anemic. Never a complaint, always just pushing on and loving life. We could learn so much from animals. I hope Inigo remains happy and does not suffer.

  41. So sorry to hear about Inigo. Our beloved Nala died in 2008 from a long tumor/cancer a month after diagnosis. We were shocked at how quickly she went downhill. We had to euthanize her when she couldn't walk 10 feet without serious trouble breathing. I would advise you to do in-home euthanasia, so their last memory is not a vet visit. So sad, I'm so sorry. It is like losing a beloved family member.

  42. PS--the tumor took Nala too young too, she was 13.

  43. The dress looks fabulous on you - and I think it would look even better if you took the hem down, say 1".

    - Tesa


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