Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Mar 13th - Outfit #12 - May the Force Be With You

Another day...and again, thank you so much to everyone who has sent such wonderful thoughts and good vibes to our poor kitty Inigo. He is a bit slower today, but still doing well. We've moved up his appointment with the specialist to tomorrow afternoon. Please think strong thoughts at 2pm PST - let it not be a tumour.

*deep breath* Can't lose it before my WW meeting tonight...

Today's outfit features the last "fresh" item in the capsule, this lovely blue jacket by local maker Bonspiel:
It's called the Leia jacket and I do feel a bit like that strong (yet feminine) princess of Dantooine. I also feel a little lost, and I am so glad and so grateful that I have my "scruffy-lookin'" partner, L, to keep me going when the going gets rough.

I last wore this jacket here. I love the stand-up neckline.
My olive skirt makes another appearance (last worn here).

I'm actually wearing my "I Love the (Eighteen)80s" t-shirt under this, but you can't see any of it. The neckline is quite open at the back (you can see a lot of my tattoos) so I like to always have a layering piece on underneath.
And there are those lovely bow shoes again, last seen here.

Jacket (Bonspiel, consignment), t-shirt (not showing, Threadless), skirt (Club Monaco, consignment), belt (Gap), shoes (Jeffrey Campbell), earrings (Plum), ring (Wendy Brandes).

Last night before bed, I checked the email and Inigo hopped up to lay down on my lap and snooze. Both he and Vizinni love to lay on us when we're on the computer.
Such a sweet panda bear! I love him so much.

This morning, I cranked the heat in the bedroom for Inigo so that he could sleep on the little scratching post there.
Such a happy boy, my big lovey.


  1. Handsome, sweetie man! You hang in there Inigo, you are loved.

  2. Gorgeous jacket, shoes, kitty. He's so huggable looking. I'm sending him a virtual hug. I'd open a can of tuna for him if I was there :)

    Sending healing wishes your way.

    Peace & grace,

  3. I absolutely love that jacket and your sweet, sweet boy. Sending big hugs for tomorrow.

  4. I shall be thinking positive thoughts at 2! At least you are keeping it together style-wise, if nothing else. I love that jacket with the distinctive collar.

  5. Sheila--I pray that everything goes well at the vet tomorrow. Channel any character you need to for strength.

  6. Oh, I've been unconnected and I didn't know!
    Hang in there, you and Inigo. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

  7. The jacket has great style, especially the collar.

    My thoughts on your loved one. Companions are so special to us. Wrestling with their health can be so hard. We're caring for you.

  8. I hope you get good news at the specialist's tomorrow! Will continue to keep thinking of you and Inigo!

  9. Thinking of you, and of Inigo, hon!

  10. I look forward to having good news :)
    Good vibes going all the way to Victoria !

  11. The jacket is gorgeous and love the outfit!
    I'll be sending up good thoughts for you all today!!!

  12. Princess Leia reference; yesssss! I love the texture on that jacket! Sending prayers and well wishes for Inigo's visit today.

  13. What a wonderful jacket. So unique and a great colour.


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