Monday, March 19, 2012

Mar 19th - Outfit #17 - Blah Monday

I did a number on one of my heels while working on Sunday - a blister that got bloody. Ouch. Anyway, I'm doing one of those "bad" fashion things because I couldn't bear to wear bare feet in my shoes, even with a bandaid over my blister.

Yes, socks and shoes. 
I didn't put a lot of effort into this outfit, but it was comfortable, and again, I was doing a lot of running around, trying to make sure everyone's first day went well. I'm so tired.

This is my Smoking Lily "flies" blouse (last worn on Day 1 of this capsule here), and my skinny black pants (last worn here).
Ah, better light there. I am also wearing my teal kitten heels which are become more ravaged each time I wear them (previously here).

I like the colour my hair turned out, although for the life of me, I could not avoid getting colour on the blonde/formerly teal streak. So I just coloured over it. You can still see a bit of the blonde in it. I'm getting the teal re-done on Thursday, but this time, I'm going to experiment a bit with dry shampoos (I bought a couple) to help keep it from fading.

Blouse (Smoking Lily), pants (Kensie), shoes (Le Chateau, consignment), necklace (Foxy).


  1. You have such gorgeous hair.

  2. Really like this casual outfit - and your hair looks great! Hope your foot heals!

  3. Your "blah" is fabulous to me! I like the blonde streak, and the teal will be even more awesome. I use dry shampoos, and actually shampoo very little, to keep my color fresh. I scrub my scalp with conditioner, and it's much gentler on the color.

  4. Cute outfit!! I'll admit to wearing socks in the winter time. It's not like you're wearing them with sandals!!
    Smoking Lily certainly knows how to make flies elegant!!!

  5. That colour blue is great with your hair. I love how the fabric of the blouse drapes. Smoking Lily rocks!

  6. You've inspired me to go redder next time. I love the blue in that blouse.

    Socks & shoes on Sheila? At last an element of your incredible style that I can easily

  7. I love this blouse. It's perfect for jazzing up a casual look.. and the print is very special! I frequently wear some kind of sock with my shoes because I otherwise get blisters all the time. >.< I think that's why I'm so picky about footwear.

    Also your hair turned out great! I like the bright orange-red shade.

  8. There can never be a blah moment if you are wearing this fly top.
    It's one of my faves... right after the Zara top.

  9. What does it cost to have the teal stripe added...if you don't mind my asking.


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