Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mar 20th - Outfit #18 - Playing With Colour

I admit, I haven't been putting a lot of effort into my outfits lately. Maybe it's the craziness of the last couple of weeks, or just that the 30-item capsule is actually making it easier for me to put things together. Could it actually be working??

I don't know, but I liked this outfit:
Fortunately, the skies cleared enough for me to do a stair picture after work.
This is my burgundy sweater dress (last worn here) with my floral blouse worn over it, then belted.

I love this blouse so much - I can't resist a drapey sheer blouse that has so many great colours in it. I last wore the blouse here.
I was actually the most pleased with putting two colours in this outfit that aren't in the blouse: the rust of the tights and the denim-ish blue of the suede belt. As I explained to one of my co-workers today, "The colours don't have to match; they just have to go."

I gave the sleeves of the dress an extra cuff so that they didn't hang down past the blouse sleeves too much.
Those are my lovely brown Mary Janes shoes (last seen here). The belt is one I've had for over a year (thrifted it) and I have worn this multi-strand necklace a kazillion times.

Blouse (Nygard, consignment), dress (Eric Alexandre), shoes (Nine West, thrifted), belt (Landes, thrifted), necklace (Jacob).


  1. I like the matching skirt and tights! Such a sleek look.

  2. I hope that it's easier to get dressed because of the capsule! I'm slowly... oh so very slowly... trying to pair my closet down to more capsule size!

  3. I really like this, and the colours! Maybe I need to try capsule dressing to help me decide what to wear! I'm so indecisive!

  4. I love that kind of blouse too Sheila - I always look for them when I'm shopping! You look marvelous and your new hair color really shines.

  5. "The colors don't have to match; they just have to go." I like that!

  6. I LOVE this--those colors look so great on you!!!

  7. Oh, I love your blog already. I, too, am a 40-something who loves to showcase daily outfits! I am a retro fanatic. I will add you to my blog list so I can be sure to come back.


  8. When you experiment with colour, you don't play around, do you? Love what you've done here.

    Also, I just did a catch-up read and apologize for not commenting sooner on this, but I'm soooooo happy to hear that Inigo is staying with you. What a relief for you, and I'm glad to know you get to cuddle his fluffy self for at least a little longer!

    Finally, ohmigoddess! Yellow-leather-red-boot-blue-dress-kicky-scarf over-the-top-total-lovefest!

  9. The red and orange look great with this dress! You're totally right, I rarely match, but I try to always create something that "goes".

  10. You remind me of Renaissance art today, and your quote, "It doesn't have to match, it just has to GO" is my new fave.

  11. I am finding it much easier to get dressed now that I have a limited number of items that fit. Plus it lets me put my energy into other creative endeavors, like blogging more, cooking, etc.

  12. Oh, I like the look of this blouse with the dress. And I wonder if I could pull off a sheer floral blouse?

    1. You totally could, Terri! I think you would look lovely.


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