Thursday, March 15, 2012

Mar 15th - Outfit #14 - Wiped Out

There are going to be a lot of furry friends getting hugs today - thank you all for your sweet comments. Inigo and Vizzini are currently wrestling.

I'm exhausted. The emotional strain of this week, plus this morning I had to work at a 7am meeting (I made it there for 7:15am), then my last Thursday WW fill-in meeting right after work - it's taking its toll. I left the house at 6:50am this morning, and now it's 7:25pm. Dinner, wine and crash on the couch time!

But first, today's outfit:
Vizzini's helping.
I got a few nice comments on it today - the gold tights (I know, they look olive) pulled it all together. This is my high-waisted 80s skirt (last worn here), with the Queen of Faeries shirt (last seen here), and the fuzzy green cardi that I wore last Thursday. one at the WW meeting mentioned it. I wonder if they noticed I wore the same one!

I love how the red accents popped off the olive green.
I swear I forgot that it was St. Patrick's Day this month - I didn't really plan the green because of that!

The fabulous Fluevogs are the perfect finish - I last wore them here.

Happy almost weekend!

Cardigan (Kersh), blouse (no label, consignment), skirt (Gianfranco Ferre, vintage 80s, thrifted), shoes (Teapot Sencha, Fluevogs), belt (Plum), necklace (consignment), ring (Wendy Brandes).


  1. I love that outfit Sheila , its a very classic look . The olive and the red hair go so well together. Have an enjoyable weekend . Donna

  2. This outfit is so svelte! And the tights are just perfect with the green sweater.

  3. Yes, what Terri said! This is a great silhouette, and a wonderful color combo. Hope your weekend is restful.

  4. This outfit elongates you---- then again it could also be the pose :)
    I think you deserve to get a good long sleep and breakfast in bed this weekend.
    Can Inigo make waffles :0) ?

    1. You know, I have never had breakfast in bed, ever!

      I don't think he can make them - but I know Vizzini could carry one away!

  5. I swear Vizzini looks like he is posing for the blog in the top picture the way his paw is out and he's turned his head!!

    Love the outfit!

  6. Happy weekend back to you. You look smashing - the red and olive, mwah! I hope you are able to unwind and refresh after this tough week. You deserve it!

  7. You know, I have to say this: you look so amazing -- like, ALL the time -- that I'm running out of meaningful things to say! Just wanted you to know.... :)

  8. Such a long day - you do deserve a relaxing weekend with the kitties :) Love Vizzini sneaking into the pic too :)

  9. So very, very chic! I love the slim lines of the skirt, and the red shoes and belt together. Hope your weekend is relaxing! Hugs to the four-leggeds!

  10. Sheila, From another cat person, thanks for being so honest AND stylish. I also struggle with my weight so I can relate to that too. I love everything about you, you should be proud to be you!


  11. I love the red accents. And this length of skirt is very elongating.

  12. love how you put that outfit together and you look a lot better than I do at the end of a long day! You look great for being exhausted!

  13. I've actually looked through all of your posts from today (20th) back to here - so many great outfits...but I really like this one. I liked the pale blue dress, too! I haven't taken time to read everything closely...did more looking at your pictures....but read enough to know you've had stressful times. Hope everything at work settles down & Indigo is comfortable....


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