Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Mar 14th - Outfit #13 - Good News!

For all of you dear, sweet readers, thank you for your good vibes! Thanks to those of you who have emailed and commented about your own dear furry friends. I was thinking of all of you, out there thinking of us and our dear Inigo today. I felt it, and it meant a lot to me

The very good news: Inigo is still with us! We were very much afraid that this would be his final day. He has been having more trouble with his breathing the last couple of days, but today we went in to see the specialist (thank you, Dr. Mason!) who did an ultrasound on him. It was not a tumour, but a build-up of fluid on his lungs from a malfunctioning heart. If he were a human, he would need a heart transplant.

The vet did a "chest tap" where they suck out a lot of the fluid that accumulates in the chest cavity to relieve the pressure on his heart (and alleviate his breathing). He is on a diuretic to help drain more excess fluid on his lungs, and a dilation medication for his heart to help it work better. 

We were with him for the ultrasound, then waiting at home until he was done the draining procedure. He is still a bit stoned from the sedative, but he's moving around much more alertly, breathing easier and purring like a buzz-saw. We hadn't realized how much he had slowed down until we saw him acting like his old self again.

The not-as-good news: This isn't permanent. The fluid will likely come back, and he will have to stay on the dilation medication for his heart. He may have to have a chest tap every month to 6 weeks (it's not a painful procedure; much like the insertion of an IV and they freeze it locally) to drain off re-accumulated fluid. We will be watching him closely, believe me!

We may have him for another month, or 6 months, even up to a year. He may still die if his heart fails, maybe while playing with Vizzini. But, man, that's how I'd want to go - just drop dead doing what you love. 
His pictures are blurry because he wouldn't stay put!
So there you go - I know many of you have been waiting to hear, so sorry for the delay in getting this update up.

*deep breath* 

I don't talk about it all the time, but many of you know that I have always struggled with my weight. I lost 50 lbs in 2006/2007 and I'm coming up on 5 years of maintaining that loss. I currently work as a leader for Weight Watchers (the WW I often refer to), and still attend weekly meetings (when I can) as a member.

Please check out the fabulous Kristen's blog "Low Fat Dressing" for her interview with me (and others!) about our success in losing weight and keeping it off. Thank you, Kristen! You rock!

I love that the title is "They Walk Among Us" - it reminds me that we shouldn't assume that just because someone isn't visibly unhealthy or overweight that we don't struggle. I do - every day. It's been really tough this week due to all this stress over Inigo.

On to fashion! 

I was a bit of a wreck for the 4 hours I was at work today, but this is what I wore:
I couldn't even muster up a smile this morning - there's Inigo on the backpack in the background.

This is my olive cardigan (last worn here, second outfit) over my sheer leopard shirt which I wore last here - the same shirt as featured in "Rated X-Ray: Sheer Fashion Gets Around" on the Huffington Post in the slideshow. Wendy, you rock! Thank you for using my picture!

I have a black cami (not in the capsule) underneath to help tie in the other black accents in the outfit.

This is the second wear of the vintage 80s red suede skirt:
Inigo always has to look at the camera
I last wore it here. I discovered an awkward flaw to it: when I sit down the zipper bursts wide open at the back! I can slide the zipper down and back up and it does up again, but good thing this cardigan was long!

The shoes are my fabulous Coffee Sumatra Fluevogs (last seen here).

Cardigan (Kersh), blouse (Planet, consignment), cami (InWear), skirt (Danier Leather, vintage 80s, thrifted), shoes (Coffee Sumatra Fluevogs), belt (Gap), necklace (Plum).

When I took this picture this morning, I thought it would be the last picture I would have with my lovely boy:
I have never been so happy to be wrong.

Here are my two boys just minutes ago. Vizzini is very solicitous and is looking after his brother.
Inigo looks so perky and happy. This is such a relief, even if it's not a permanent cure. We all have our time on this earth; this is a good reminder of how very short life can be.

Again, to all of you: thank you for your good wishes and kind thoughts. It has meant a lot to me to know that so many people cared. 


  1. Sheila I have been away and I missed your earlier post(s)
    I am so sorry that you have had some medical issues with your beloved Indigo.
    As a cat lover for years I do know the pain that comes when they experience heart goes out to you.

    Good news that the vet was able to assist now and I hope it will last.

    Take care,

  2. That is SUCH good news--- I was a little afraid to even read your blog today. Go Inigo!

  3. Okay call me silly, but I've been checking from time to time to see how Inigo had made out today. WHEW! I'm very happy for you, L, Vizzini and Inigo. Give that little guy a scratch behind the ear from me.

    I LOVE red and animal print! Awesome outfit!

  4. Great news, long may he reign :-)

  5. I couldn't wait for my son to get off the computer so I could check on Inigo. I'm so happy it worked out, at least for now. Dear dear Inigo! And Vizzini is so sweet with him.

  6. Oh, I'm so happy it wasn't a tumour, and you'll have Inigo with you for a while longer.

    I'm coming up on 3 years of maintenance of a fairly massive weight loss myself, which I also don't really talk about on my blog very much. I had no idea you were in that particular club, too, until I saw you on Kristen's blog. Well done!

  7. I had a hard time even thinking about posting, because I'm a cat person myself; I have five. O'Malley, Hercules, Buck, Nutmeg and Cohiba are just the best little friends I have. But wanted to pop on and say that I was waiting for a post, even though my heart hurt and I couldn't initially say anything.
    And I LOVE those shoes. Love!

  8. I am also very glad that wasn't your last photo with Inigo. You will have many more opportunities to hug and cuddle him and make him feel loved. I'm so pleased that he still has lots of life left, but I am sad that he's not completely out of the woods and will still need some regular vet attention.
    Every moment with him can only be a blessing though. So glad the vet was able to help today, and there is medicine he can take. Give him an extra big hug from me.

  9. I am so glad to hear that you will have more time with Inigo!

  10. Yay! I was so worried that I kept checking your blog for an updated post before I went to bed last night, and then worried some more when there was no post.

    You are so stylish I would not be able to tell you weren't your normal vivacious self. I always admire the unique color combinations you put together, and hope some of your natural style will rub off on me with daily dose of your blog :)

    Big hugs to Inigo, who is totally adorable, and in a cat-crazed Internet world, still the most huggable-looking cat I've ever seen!

  11. Oh, Sheila, what a relief! I've been so worried about all of you, and dreading the thought of worse news. I'm so glad the doctor was able to drain the fluid and extend his life. He's such a happy, sweet boy and it's clear you love him as much as he loves you. I'd give anything to have had more time with Sophie, so I understand your relief completely.

    Thank you again SO MUCH for participating in the They Walk Among Us series; I have read your story before, but it's so inspiring I'm glad were able to share it with others. Plus, it linked back that bleeping awesome Toastmasters speech, which is seriously my favorite post of yours ever.

  12. I too, have been checking obsessively to see how Inigo fared - hooray for a reprieve! (lump in throat) We have our lovely creatures with us so short a time as it is, this is a reminder to me to show mine extra love today. You go, Inigo, work it as long as possible little man!

  13. You look amazing, especially when one know how much you are going through right now. I would never be able to master such elegant and visibly effortless outfit with such a huge stone on my heart!

    It's a good news and not such a good news - about Inigo. Well, that's a sad thing about life. I can only say that we should enjoy it one day at a time and not think or plan much, just live and be happy today.

    All the best to the brave dear kitty, and to his wonderful loving "parents"!

  14. That is bleeping awesome news Sheila. Thank You so much for sharing about your dear little boy ! You really are an inspiration sheila Thank you so bleeping much Donna xo

  15. I'm so happy to hear it wasn't a tumor and that you'll still have time - however long - with your kitty! For now I'm glad he's feeling better and I'll continue to think of you guys!

  16. Blinking hard right now. Glad all the vibes had some effect. Please give Inigo another cuddle for me.

    (I don't *just* read for Inigo!)

    Love and sunshine to you all.


  17. YAY!!! Wonderful news about dear Inigo!!!! Whatever happens now you'll have time to prepare for it!!!

    Love the outfit!

  18. Glad things are looking better for Inigo, and that there are ways to help manage his problem. I miss the suede skirts from the 80's! At least replacing the zipper is a fairly simple fix, I think it would be worth it to stay covered!

  19. Well, you are a beautiful lady, inside and out. Love the outfit today -- will definitely be copying the look -- and I'm so glad for your good news, and that Inigo's more comfortable now. Thanks for your creativity and inspiration!

    Judy S.

  20. Enjoy that good news! He looks happy!
    Looked for olive at VVs on Tuesday - no luck, but the search is still on! Also looking for a soft silk-like white or cream long sleeved blouse! It will turn up eventually!
    Peg - UI with wind blown hair!!

  21. So glad to hear that Inigo is still with you, and that there is something you can do to make him feel better. Give him a big hug and ear scritch for me!

  22. I found your blog through Kristin. I'm maintaining a 55 pound weight loss since 2008 and I'm always on the lookout for other maintainers so I can stay the course. I'm also a huge cat fan and I'm totally pulling for your little guy.

  23. Mixed blessings but to have Inigo up and running about wildly like his old self - well, you most certainly can't beat that! I get very emotional - my companion used to help me typing by sprawling across my hands. So more time with Inigo, let's have a little party!!!

    And you're pulling it together enough to look fantastic! I love that last photo of you and Inigo. About your zipper, I had that happen once with the zipper on a dress in the middle of a dance floor at a wedding. Glad you were wearing a sweater!

  24. Omg, I am very relieved to hear that. Here's to speedy healing and hopefully many more happy days sleeping in laps, cuddles and playing with Vizzini.

    Many congrats at coming up on 5 years. I remember the first time I read your story I was insanely proud of someone I didn't even know. It's one thing to lose weight, but to maintain it is even harder.

    Sending you lots of love and support~

  25. I am so happy for the good news - I can imagine it lifted a HUGE weight off your shoulders.
    Inigo is a lucky cat :) for having you guys care so much for him :)

  26. This is good news, to know that you have more time with your sweet boy. Lots of love and snuggles for him, he'll be sure to love all that. Thank you for the update!!

  27. It's great that Inigo is feeling better. I hope the treatment will work and that you will have him for many months to come. Unfortunately a similar thing happened to my parents' cat so I know that chest taps are only a temporary measure... Give him a big hug and keep us updated!

  28. Now, look, you've gone and made me all weepy! It sounds like there is strong potential for good quality of life for your kitty, however much time he has left. That is such a good thing because you can cherish the time. Hooray!

  29. This is such good news. Treasure each day that you have with Inigo. I know I treasure each day with my dear FarleyJoe.

  30. I have been worried about you and your kitty all day, and I gave my shadow (my odd-eyed white kitty named Suffragette Kitty after David Bowie b/c of his eyes) an extra long cuddle thinking of how precious our pets/friends are.

  31. Oh, the last thing on my mind during a trip to the vet like this would have been my outfit. I'm so glad to hear that Inigo has a new lease on life...and let's just pray that the fluid build-up is slow.

  32. What a ride all of you have had! Inigo sounds like such a little trouper. I'm so grateful to currently have no feeling in my legs from the knees down from being a kitty pillow (oh, our snuzzly Willy). Hugs to you all.

    Bummer about that skirt...

  33. I've been on vacation and have not read your blog in a while so all of this news about Inigo was a surprise. I am glad your kitty is OK. I lost my sweet cat a couple of years ago to a massive tumor. I am glad Inigo has loving humans in his life.

  34. So glad it wasn't a tumour and you have some more time with your tuxedo boy! I was worrying about him and about you. *pats from my brood*

  35. So glad your kitty is hanging in there! Henry and Gigi wish him well!

  36. I'm so glad that Inigo pulled through! Here's wishing him many more happy, healthy days to spend with his stylish mom.


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