Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mar 29th - Outfit #27 - Cheery Cherry

Today was a good day; busy, but not too crazy. I like those kind of days. If only it would stop raining and get sunny. All the cherry blossoms are out and the city is awash in them. It's so beautiful and I want to take some pictures. 

Ah, well, if I can't have cherry blossoms, I can have my cherry shoes.
This kind of outfit is so easy: black skirt, neutral jacket, a coloured shoe and a matching cami. It's the kind of outfit I used to do a lot, but not as much in the last couple of years. I was feeling a pressure that I think many fashion bloggers do: to always try to top yourself with something crazier or more "out there."

But it's good to go back to the classics, isn't it? They're classic for a reason!

Anyway, enough of my babble, let's get down to business. I've been reviewing my spreadsheet where I've been tracking all my outfits in this challenge and am starting to see patterns and trends. This is only the second wear of my Guess jacket in the capsule this month (last time here), but I did put 4 jackets it, so that's pretty good!
My cost per wear on the jacket is now $2.50.
This is the third time wearing this black pencil skirt this month (last time here) and I have to say, I really love it. The lining is a thick heavy satin and the main fabric is a really thick and almost felted wool. It doesn't wrinkle or stretch, but it feels like it fits perfectly. It also really doesn't come across in the picture, but the double front and black slits give it the most lovely movement when walking. I'll never get rid of this skirt.

I'm a little surprised that I've only worn these shoes 3 times this month (last time here).
It feels like more. The cheery pinky-cherry red of them is such a rich shade. I hope John Fluevog brings back this family of shoes sometime, because this is one of the most comfortable heels I own.

I'm just wearing a burgundy cami under the jacket (not part of the capsule).

Here's my new octopus necklace that I got in Vancouver last weekend:
I love the whole steampunk aesthetic (octopi are one of the motifs you sometimes see) and I was excited to find out today that Victoria has hosted a Steampunk Expo for 3 years - and the next one is coming up in April. I'm hoping L wants to go. I would love to get dressed up again!

This is the back of the octopus necklace:
It's a Mahjong tile!

Jacket (Guess, thrifted), cami (Jackpot), skirt (Gianfranco Ferre via Giorgio Beverly Hills, vintage 80s, thrifted), shoes (Sencha Teapots, Fluevog), necklace (Raven's Rest Studio).


  1. Ha! I recently passed up a mahjong tile in an antique shop after studying it for some time. I couldn't see a way to string it on anything!

    The outfit is indeed a classic, especially the skirt.

  2. Hello Sheila! I love the classics, and don't think they ever need to be boring and you showcase that so well with your beautifully cut skirt, gorgeous jacket and lovely pop of red. Those shoes are so good looking its hard to imagine they are comfortable!

    1. They're only a 2.5" heel, Bella - really easy to walk in.

      Thank you for reading and commenting!

  3. There is nothing better than the perfect black pencil skirt. Thanks to you and Megan Mae, I know what Teapots are :) I wish they'd bring 'em back, too.

    You know I'd have tried to wear those shoes every

  4. I get the whole: "Must outdo myself" feeling that bloggers get. The more I try to outdo myself, the more I feel reminiscent towards classic looks! I'm glad you're so tied to that skirt! It's classic but unique!

  5. You do classics beautifully, Sheila. I would keep this skirt forever too. Love your new octopus!

  6. Sheila, I had wondered about the whole octopus thing in Steampunk. Have you read the Gail Carriger paranormal Victorian novels? Soulless, Blameless, etc. There's an octopus theme in those. Any idea where that comes from? I'm a librarian, I'll research it . :-)

    You handle the blogger pressure really well. You've never crossed from wackadoo to tinfoil hat like some fashionable souls.

  7. This may be a classic look but it's still very funky in how you accessorized it. The shoes and the necklace are not in many people's wardrobes.

  8. Have you seen the necklaces made out of scrabble tiles? They're very fun---usually whimsical pictures on the front and letter on the back. I've seen them for a while a "Something Silver" and more recently where I get my hair cut. They make me smile.

    1. Yes, I have an Audrey Hepburn Scrabble tile pendant. I like them too!

  9. Nothing wrong with a classic combo. I love that jacket because it always reminds me of Westwood. I definitely always feel like I want to at least "live up" to past outfits. I know I am capable, but I feel like laziness gets in the way.

    Your teapots are so cute. I wish they'd bring them back because IMO they just look more comfortable than the coffees.

  10. Sheila: Found a good quality olive/khaki t at VVs this morning. Was to go to Victoria and planned to have tea with Hostess, but I am dealing with a scary health issue, so had to stay home! Another time.
    I don't think you go over the top at all with your outfits, but I can imagine you might feel a bit of pressure at time to crank things up a bit.
    Did you know that we have the largest octopus in the world near the mouth of Comox harbour?
    Take care and enjoy your weekend.
    Peg - UI

    1. Aw, next time! I'd love to meet up with you as well, Peg. Keep me in mind!

      I did not know that! How cool.

  11. Very classy yet cut outfit--I like the bits of red!
    I am on the hunt for a black pencil skirt. Thought i scored a nice one at goodwill but it was TOO BIG!!!

  12. I love your classic outfits! :) I love your more "out there" outfits too - you always put thought into what you wear and it comes across. As long as you feel confident and happy, doesn't matter what kind of outfit it is :)

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  15. "I was feeling a pressure that I think many fashion bloggers do: to always try to top yourself with something crazier or more "out there.""

    Yep, been there. I'm glad you're finding yourself going back to classics and even repeats during this challenge; there is nothing wrong with re-wearing a combo that works. That's like never eating a delicious dish again because you already know what it tastes like; if the combination of flavors works, why wouldn't you eat it again?

    1. I love that analogy - it's perfect! You're so right.


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