Thursday, March 22, 2012

Mar 21st - Outfit #19 and Mar 22nd - Outfit #20 - Happy Anniversary to Me!

I worked an extra couple of hours last night, and by the time I got home, I was cranky. L and I headed out to "the Winchester" ("Shaun of the Dead" reference for our local pub) for dinner and then crashed while watching "American Idol" (guilty pleasure).

This was a good outfit for getting things done:
It's pretty chilly out there! 
I liked the dark shadow-stripe tights with the shoes (last worn here).

This is my Smoking Lily Hama Hama shirt worn backwards again (last seen here), my olive blazer (last worn here) and my squid skirt (last seen here, 2nd outfit).
I added a black belt to tie in the black tights

I'm also wearing silver feather earrings, my metallic rose leather wrist-band, and my Wendy B ring (which I am indeed wearing the hell out of).
I really love shoes with bows.

Jacket (RW & Co., consignment), shirt (Hama Hama, Smoking Lily), skirt (Jacob, thrifted), belt (Plum), cuff (consignment), earrings (local), ring (Wendy Brandes), shoes (Jeffrey Campbell).

Today, we had to take Inigo back to the vet - his breathing has become laboured again, and we're heading to Vancouver this weekend. We didn't want anything to happen to him while we're gone (that would be awful), so he's having an emergency chest-tap to drain more fluid. We consulted with the specialist, who agreed that this was warranted. Inigo will be fine and hopefully this will be the last chest-tap for a month or so.

On the positive side, it's our anniversary today! Fifteen years with my best friend, Logan - wow, where the heck does the time go?? Click here for an article about our wedding finery (pictures of me in my wedding dress) from 3 years ago.

Besides hanging around the house today waiting for the call to go pick up Inigo, we're going for lunch, I have a hair appointment (yes, I know it looks ass today), and we'll do some other chores.
This is the third appearance of the "I Love the (Eighteen) 80s" t-shirt (last worn here, although last seen here). The striped top is not part of the capsule, as it's a layering piece and I never wear it on its own as it's too thin/see-through. However, it's a cotton/cashmere blend and it's nice and snuggly warm on this brisk morning.

My skinny pants make another appearance (last seen here).
And there are the olive boots again (last seen here).

T-Shirt (Threadless), striped tee (Majestic, swap from Caro), pants (Kensie), boots (Hispanitas).

I hope your weekend is full of happiness and sunshine.


  1. I like the bows on the shoes, too! I was thinking about you today, as I was tromping through downtown Winnipeg in heels. Actually, I was thinking about your Fluevog collection. My reflection in the storefronts made my shoes look like teapots, and suddenly, I got the appeal of Fluevogs (I've always been on the fence). Step one: get job. Step 2: buy more shoes that look like teapots.
    And Logan! First we get his face and now we have his name! Happy Anniversary!

  2. Happy anniversary! It's my dating anniversary with my husband today - 14 years - so it's a good date!

    I love that 1880's shirt - I've seen that on Threadless and it always makes me smile.

  3. Every one of your outfits are fab. Happy Anniversary to you both.

  4. Happy anniversary Sheila and Logan! I've often wandered what L's name was - I'd never have guessed!

  5. I started thinking who is Logan ? until I realized.. that's George Clooney's real name !
    Haha, happy anniversary Sheila - do you guys call yourself "She-gan" or "Shelogan" :)

  6. I never stop learning new similarites between us. I also love shoes with bows! And I'm always admiring your fantastic tights.

    Happy Anniversary. That's cool.

  7. Thank you for the link to the wedding photos--I hadn't seen them before. Logan's jacket is gorgeous and the long train is a wonder to me. I pray that Inigo's procedure goes well.

  8. Happy anniversary! To marry one's best friend is the epitome of joy! I am sending good thoughts to dear Inigo every day. I love your "Say Anything" tee : >

  9. Happy Anniversary! Have a wonderful trip to Vancouver. Pets and purrs to Inigo. Hope he will be just fine while you are away!

  10. Love both of these outfits! I think you picked a better selection this time around. It seems like the pieces are working better this month to create cohesive outfits. I think you'll have this challenge in the bag by the end of a year. I really like your striped tee (you should link this post up with stripes week! it counts!). The colors are muted in a really cool way that complements the "old timey" feel of the tee.

  11. Happy Anniversary!! I just asked Y yesterday if I had missed it. Have a great shopping excursion in Van. I'm so happy you don't have to worry about Inigo while you're away--it sounds like he'll be doing just fine by then. xx

  12. Hope all goes well with Iinigo and you have a lovely trip and come home to a very happy cat :)

    happy anniversary to you! :)

  13. The Winchester? Now that's a fine slice of fried gold. You have one of the best collection of tights and I envy. (Yeah, I like bows on my shoes too.) Poor Inigo, I'm glad he can be made to feel comfortable with the chest taps. We had a cat who had to have fluid drawn out of his abdomen on a daily basis for months. It got to the point where he would let me know it was time to go to the vet. He was very upset when he got a clean bill of health and his little car rides ended so I used to take him for a ride every day to make him happy. Oh the things we do for our little people in fur coats.

  14. Oh, and a very happy anniversary! It's good that you and L found each other.

  15. Happy Anniversary!!!
    Love both the outfits!!! You have the best shoes!
    Sending up good thought for Inigo!!

    BTW--big Idol fan here, too!

  16. Hi Sheila! I hope you're having an awesome anniversary weekend! I am playing a game of blog tag and tagged you. I know you don't typically play along with these but wanted to at least give you a shout out. If you visit my post today you will see it. xx

  17. Happy anniversary! I love that Threadless shirt, btw -- Say Anything is one of my favorite 80's movies, too.

  18. Happy Anniversary! 15 is a milestone; we had ours last year. Kind of amazing, isn't it?


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