Monday, March 5, 2012

Mar 5th - Outfit #4 - Wearing a Garden

Ah, Monday, my old foe. At least it brings another outfit. Here we go!
This is a new-to-me red suede skirt - isn't it lovely? I do love the bright cherry red of it.

This is my no-name "Queen of the Faeries" blouse, and I'm wearing the pair of shoes I subbed in for the olive green ones that fell apart.
I last wore the blouse here and the shoes here.

The back, for posterity's sake:
The top's design really appeals to me. And the skirt makes my bum look good!

I got the skirt on the last thrifting expedition with Lorinda - it was in the Vintage section and oh, yes, it is vintage:
For it has been at least 30 years since they changed sizing on women's clothing. A size 10 from 1982 is equivalent to a size 6 nowadays (which is what I wear in modern Danier).

Another dead giveaway that the skirt is from the 80s is the "modern" angled snap closure at the back of the waistband.
We're so futuristic!

And yes, the skirt was only $9.50. I was pleased.

The stuff:
I realized once I'd assembled all the accessories that I was looking very spring-y. The flowers on the shirt (the embroidery and the trim), my grass green cami, the earthy-coloured shoes - spring must be coming!

And what's more spring than swooping birds, a bug and a buckle with grasses and flower?
Wendy B's ring went so nicely - it reminds me of one of those gazing balls that people put in their gardens, you know, the big mirrored globes? I see spring!

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Blouse (no label, consignment), cami (Smart Set), skirt (80s Danier leather, thrifted), shoes (Nine West, thrifted), belt (Shi Studio), earrings (Lavishy), bug pendant (Fan Tan Alley), ring (Wendy Brandes).


  1. The skirt looks great. I have one in the same cut, but in a burgundy red. I've been surprised how comfy it is and unlike the black leather skirt I had before it, the red one does not make me self-conscious on campus. If I had that WendyB ring, I would wear it with EVERY outfit.

  2. That red dress is divine! It must feel dreamy on because of the softness of the suede. And I enjoyed your sleuthing of its origins. This is the perfect spring outfit. I like the cleverness in selecting these accessories too.

  3. I love the way the red in the flowers on the shirt goes with the red skirt. And that red skirt DOES fit you well!

  4. Love this outfit! That red skirt is amazing, what a bargain!

  5. Mmm... a skirt this pretty and this nice deserves a round of applause. *clapping*

    Your "posterity" pun was funny. I love how clever you are.

  6. I love the blouse - very unique. And your bum does look quite lovely in that skirt. ;-)

    Those Shi Studio belt buckles are lovely. Do you get them locally?

    1. Megan, yes, I've bought one directly from Shi Studios' design studio on clearance (my cowboy one), and this one was purchased locally at a store called Oscar and Libby's (it was a gift from L). You can buy online direct from Shi Studio - I have quite a few of their pieces.

  7. I thought "spring" the moment I saw your look today! Very pretty, I love the new skirt and the floral blouse with the surprise in the back. Thanks for linking up to Visible Monday - sorry about the InLinkz problem! They have not offered any useful advice as of yet : <

  8. Love this outfit - definitely gives me hope that spring is on it's way :-)

  9. There is nothing that you do not look great in. I love the skirt.
    Sizing has changed a lot in 30 years.
    I have a question for you. Is it a lot easier to thrift since you lost weight? Did you do much thrifting before losing?

    1. Debbi, I did thrift before I lost weight, and I found some great items. Even now, when I thrift or shop consignment, I often see things in my old size (16) that I would have snapped up back then.

      I also miss shopping the very end-of-season sales at boutiques and department stores, because the bigger (and really small) sizes are usually what's left on deep discount. Now, I rarely shop new because my size is always gone first.

      That's why I like shopping with someone who's a different size than me - I can pull out things for her that she might not have seen. It's a win!

  10. This is sooo cute! That red skirt is so cool, and a great find. Love the "futuristic" snaps. I for one am sad that fashion hasn't gotten to that hyper-futuristic look. Then again, maybe not because it would be overrated.

    I think spring has nearly sprung, no?

  11. LOE LOVE LOVE!!! That blouse is stunning!

  12. Seems to be getting warmer :)
    and YES this skirt make your bum look good and i love the entire outfit, specially the shirt.
    I also think its so clever how the thrift store uses old cards to put prices on items....

  13. Sheila, you have a terrific figure, and that skirt is both professional and Va-voom!

  14. Sheila, I apologize if I spelled your name incorrectly. dawn Suitcase vignettes xo


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