Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Mar 6th - Outfit #5 - Caught Again

When I went outside this morning to do my picture, one of my neighbours was sitting right there taking a smoke. I asked him to move. 
"I'm a fashion blogger," I said and set the timer. He got off the steps but was standing right there near my feet looking at me. Hence the awkward pose - I only took one picture!

This is the first wear of my burgundy sweater dress since November. This is my second wear of this great Guess jacket. That brings down my cost-per-wear to $3.50!
My Fluevog Coffee Sumatras make an appearance - I last wore them here with the same jacket.

Look who was hiding in the side of one of my pictures:
Mr. Furry Face! It's Inigo!

The stuff:
 My usual hardware: leather belt, mixed metal necklace and earrings, both blogger gifts.
That necklace weighs about two pounds. I'll have to take it off before I get on the scale tonight at my WW meeting!

Dress (Eric Alexandre), jacket (Guess, thrifted), shoes (Coffee Sumatra, Fluevogs), belt (Gap), necklace (gift from Tina), earrings (gift from Megan Mae).


  1. I can't even say how much I love grey & burgundy together! This outfit is so chic!

  2. I really love that outfit Sheila and your cat matches your shoes . Donna

  3. The Fluevogs are something special.... Especially with your patterned tights. Beautiful as always!

  4. That is funny. I think I would have been too shy to ask the neighbor to move.

  5. Super cute look! I love the blazer with the red dress. How awesome that you asked the guy to move. A million kudos for blogging with courage in front of your neighbor! I'm glad that you've worn those earrings so many times. They were one of my fav pairs to look at but I rarely wore them. I'm much more of a bracelet/necklace person.

  6. Ha ha! I love your spunk, asking your neighbour to move! The tights are great

  7. For taking only one photo, it turned out so crisp and clear. I love the detail on the jacket and the shoes are perfect with this look.

  8. Great outfit, Sheila, and great back-story on the photo shoot. We bloggers have to be brave to get the shot! Love those Fluevogs.

  9. Love the red dress! How embarrassing that your neighbour didn't move!

    I would have given up and not taken a photo - haha! I'm glad you did :)


  10. You have the BEST shoes!! Love your monthly challenge, as soon as I get myself organized I will join you!

  11. love the red on you!!! Those shoes are awesome!!

  12. I didn't know Fluevog made such styley shoes! I need to bump up my research. One shot? I can't tell my husband the photographer. He thinks I demand way too many pictures!

  13. I want those tights!

    You don't look stiff at all. I like your larger outside pictures because you can really see all the lovely details.

  14. What a gorgeous color on you. And your jacket is fabulous!


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