Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year's!

I hope you all had an awesome New Year! We had a party, and I spent Saturday on the couch, then Sunday having food poisoning, so I'm getting back into blog life slowly.

I had planned to wear something entirely different, but then had a last-minute spaz and changed into this dress:L had bought me a top for Christmas, but it was too small - I returned it for this, as they didn't have any more of the top in stock at Plum. I fell in love with the dress when I tried it on - such a good fit.

I also found these shoes the other night while I was waiting to get my eyebrows waxed and then have drinks with Elaine:
They're pretty sweet - they were $50 on sale at Aldo (and they're leather).

My spazzitude was carrying over into my pictures (and I was running late with people arriving any minute!) - you can see my frustration.
And yeah, I just left my hair in "mad scientist" mode all night. It was fun.

Kitty always helps when I'm having a bad photo session:
L and I did our "fam" photo with Inigo:
L is so much taller than me (he's 5'10"), so you can't see his top hat, but doesn't he look dapper? Inigo looks awkward.

Oh, but let's move on! Shoes:
Yeah, those are pretty freakin' awesome.

The bling:
Those are my new-ish feather earrings I got while out shopping with Ruth before Christmas. The bracelet is a gift from Toronto from Elaine - I was admiring hers (which is a bit thinner and I think a different colour metal), and then she hauled this out for me! What a sweetie.

It's actually a long loop of articulated metal circles - you can shape it however you want:
Very bendy.

I had a lot of fun playing with it - and because it's metal, it's nice and strong.
I also (finally) printed out the picture that Megan did of me for my birthday (actual outfit seen here) and framed it, so now that is up instead of the Dolphins clock.

Dress (Max and Cleo), tights (Hue), shoes (Aldo), earrings (no brand), ring (Soul Power), bracelet/necklace (gift from Elaine).

Today, I dragged myself out of bed quite late, and L and I went out to our fave diner for lunch. I was all ready to take my casual outfit picture, but someone had other ideas:
He's standing right in my pose spot.

So I hunched down with him:
Silly kitty!

Inigo wouldn't move, so I just stood over him:
Psycho eyes and back-pointed ears! He's not happy.

T-shirt (Upper Playground), purple tee (Kersh), jeans (Seven7, swap from Caro), boots (Miz Mooz).


  1. Hot, Hot, Hot!! You guys look great! Sucks that you spent Sat. sick. That sucks ass! Inigo is such a cutie, guess he didn't want you to do a casual outfit photo!

    Those shoes are just so awesome, are they comfy? I like the stappiness and the platform, very cool.

  2. Wow, those shoes are fantastic! And I know how you feel right before guests are supposed to be arriving - how will everything possibly get done in time? Fortunately, I can count on most of my friends being at least 15 minutes late :)

    Anyway, what a fabulous ensemble to greet 2011 with! Happy New Year!

  3. Ha, thanks, Alison! Yeah, it was not a great weekend for my health. Inigo sat on me lots and kept me warm. The shoes were fine for about 5 hours, then they killed and I had to take them off. The straps helped keep them very stable, but they were obviously not intended to be stood in for over 8 hours!

    Anne, thanks! Yes, so frustrating - and I didn't even get my nails done, arg! Thanks so much - Happy New Year to you!

  4. I don't know which thing I love the most, but I do know that I love your "spaz" pose the best. I always love kitty pictures, and since I have no love for the Dolphins and you look fab I think you did the right thing with your wall art.

    How do you get your husband to bring you a gorgeous dress? I shudder to think what my husband would choose!

  5. Yowza, hot mama! And happy new year. I do hope you're feeling better. What a rough way to spend the weekend.

    I love the shiny shoes. You guys look very snazzy.

    I love Inigo, so cute! I bet he was thinking "Why does Mom always stand here? Maybe if I stand here I'll figure it out", or Maybe it was the cat ability for them to always be sitting in or on the thing you need.

  6. What a fabulous way to receive the new year, that dress was made for you!

  7. That dress and those shoes are Amazing !! I Love the bandage style. Fabulous !

  8. Was it a bondage party? You're all set! J/k... amazing... and the ropey metal bracelet just caps off the theme nicely.

  9. I love the dress! I was shopping with my mom today, and didn't even think to look for clothes!! (It was a shoes and accessories kind of day!) Now you've got me itching for a new dress... hmm... leftover Christmas money? I think so!!

  10. You and Mr. Ephemera look very, very snazzy; that dress is awesome!
    I'm sorry to hear you got sick. What a way to start the year... food poisoning is a particularly nasty bit of hell. Seriously- UGH.
    I hope you are 100% better now.
    I love the Inigo "I need to stand right here, right now" pose. Animals crack me up- every morning when my husband and I eat breakfast and read the paper, our cats decide that that is the time they need to sit on us, or the paper. And then the dog will stand in the middle of the doorway, so we can't leave. I think perhaps they're trying to tell us something...

  11. I'm sorry you're ill; hope you feel better soon.

    The dress is cute: it has a quasi-bandage design and looks great with those tights.

  12. Oooh, I love that dress! Should I send you my address so you can send that bracelet to me? My birthday is in March! ;-D

    You and Mr. Ephemera make a very snazzy pair; love how your colors coordinate.

  13. sorry to hear you were sick over the holiday, but glad you are back up to par now.
    i love how doting kitties get when you are feeling ill or run-down. when i had my cats, they couldnt care less about me half the time, but when they sensed that i was sad or sick, they always did their best to take care of me...

    i think the dress is a great "consolation" gift (now interested to see the top that didnt fit!) and the added bonus is that you guys totally coordinated!

  14. WOW, Sheila, you look smokin' hot in that dress! I mean, more smokin' hot than usual. And that's saying something!

  15. I can't imagine a more perfect New Years dress! It fits you PERFECTLY and I love the pattern and colors. And those shoes are so sexy, love them! Love the family picture with the kitty and husband, too cute. One stylish family :)

    So sorry to hear about the food poisoning. That's just miserable! I hope you are all better!

  16. That dress is amazing on you! And it's even more perfect with the silvery shoes. Hearts all around. Happy 2011 to you and your family.

  17. I think Inigo wants to steal your thunder as style blogger. The only problem is that his outfit always looks the same...

  18. Hotness, bada$$ shoes, and an evil kitty photo: this post really has it all. 'Sorry to hear about the food poisoning. That's awful.

  19. I am sooo jealous of those SHOES!!! omg I love them!!! And the dress is totally awesome too. (god I hate that saying; did i say that??)

  20. Stupendous NYE outfit! The dress is fantastic, the shoes are dead sexy, and please please send me that bracelet when you're tired of it.

    I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who plans a special-event look and then abandons the intended outfit at the last minute.

  21. Lesa, thank you! I sometimes just get so annoyed when the shots won't come out right. It was time to claime that space with my fashion art! As I mentioned, I took back the top he originally bought me - the dress is what I got in exchange.

    Megan, thanks, hon! Inigo totally knows that it's "my spot" so he's just being a stinker.

    Thanks, Lorena!

    Miss Emma, thanks so much.

    'Doll, haha, right! Thanks!

    Thanks, Cara - *gasp* - not look at clothes? Get out there and check out the deals!

    Rita, thank you! I'm on the mend (at least I can eat now). Ah, I love how animals communicate!

    Shy, thank you, sweetie.

    Kristen, thank you! And I'll put your name on it when it leaves my closet! L and I didn't purposely coordinate - but he always looks great.

    Yeah, you got it, Wendy.

    EvaNadine, thanks very much. Yes, animals are amazing that way, aren't they? The top was really cute - I know I would have worn it.

    Thanks, Sal! You're too kind. :)

    ShyGirl, thank you - I'm feeling a lot better.

    Thanks, Rad! Happy 2011 to you!

    Secret Squirrel, yes, I think you're right! Ha!

    A-Dubs, aw, thank you, darlin'!

    Paula, thanks, I love them too - can't wait to wear them with a regular outfit. Hey, I say "Totally awesome" all the time! ;)

    Thanks, Kelly! I'm just glad I had time to change my outfit.

  22. Wow this outfit is fantastic! I love everything about it :) I hope you had a happy new year.

  23. Love the shoes - especially with that dress - they really work together incredibly well! I think half of my shoe collection was picked up on sale at Aldo.

    Happy (belated) New Year!

  24. I have that necklace/bracelet! I bought it months ago and have somehow never found the right look for it. Thanks for inspiring me to pull it back out and play with it.

    One of my exercises for the new year is to make use of the clothing and accessories that languish in my closet while others get too much use. Yesterday I wore a mixed metal chunky beaded necklace that I've had for at least 15 years and probably haven't worn in at least 5!

  25. Thanks, Iris! Happy New Year to you!

    Thanks so much, Karen - I can't wait to wear them again. Aldo has some great shoes, don't they? Happy New Year to you!

    JJ, how cool! You should totally haul it out and wear it! That's a great resolution - and awesome that you've already worn a "new" item! Thanks very much for commenting on my blog. :)


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