Thursday, April 15, 2010

Spring Has Sprung

Despite getting off to a rocky start, Spring/this week/this day has finally gotten sunny. I felt very Spring-y today, even after a little April shower caught Ruth and I while we were out for our lunch walk.

I planned this outfit around this new-to-me jacket that my dear friend Caro gave me last weekend:
I haven't worn this dress since I got it last autumn, here. It's going to be a great dress for summer, as even without a jacket on, it's still very much appropriate for work - not too cleavage-y or cut big around the armholes. And it was a bargain at $9. AND it's washable.

L didn't like these shoes with this, but I do. The turquoise ones would have been too matchy.
Yes! Those shoes right there! Hee, I'm giddy...thank goodness this week is almost over.

The jacket is the softest, thinnest corduroy, and it's beautifully worn in. The label inside (it's Gap) says it's Spring '06.

The stuff:
I found the black bracelet in a gift shop a couple of weeks ago: $9.99 on sale - it's eco-plastic, lightweight, and ooh, they have tattoo designs for your arms. Groovy!

Dress (Alfred Sung, thrifted), jacket (Gap, gift from Caro), shoes (Seychelles, consignment), bracelet (Batucada), earrings (vacation).


  1. OMG I love that jacket so much, then I scroll down and see the other colors,and the shoes. I so wish you were my personal shopper!

  2. I've wanted those exact shoes from Seychelles! They look awesome. I also love the bright tones in this outfit -- very springlike!


  3. I like the shoes you chose. I can see the turquoise ones more for summer than spring. Very cute print.

  4. I love your new do! Wanted to comment yesterday but when I opened your page I got a virus warning (?!?!) and the page was shut down. Today everything is OK. The dress is gorgeous. I'm trying to expand my dress collection. Unfortunately it's so hard to find a good quality lined dress not made of t-shirt material.
    The shoes are perfect with the outfit :)

  5. What a glorious print on that dress!

  6. Oh, I *love* that dress! It looks really versatile. Only $9, too - what a fabulous bargain. I think you're right about the shoes - they work really well.

  7. oooooohhhhhhhhhh. LOVE that dress. Love. And the heels are perfect with it!~

  8. You look ready for spring! The shoes are a perfect neutral.

    Thanks for commenting on my newbie blog. I really appreciate it.

  9. Those colors suit you beautifully. Both pairs of shoes are pretty, and I'm glad you chose these to highlight that great jacket and dress.

    Have a great weekend, Sheila. Happy Spring indeed!

  10. Thanks, Lesa! I would love to be a personal shopper, but I'm afraid I would buy only for myself. :)

    Julia, they are awesome shoes, but they show every little ding. And they are not sized right - these are 8s, but I wear a 9-9.5.

    Thanks, Megan! The print reminds me of Japan...koi fish and chrysanthemums.

    Thanks, Tanya! Oh no - I'm sure it wasn't me (I'm super, super cautious about viruses), so I hope it's better now. This dress is not lined, but when I shop at thrift/consignment stores, the feel of the fabric is the first thing I go for. Well, that's not quite true; the pattern drew me on this one. :)

    Thanks, Sal!

    Cat, thank you so much.

    Erin, I thought you would like this print - it's right up your alley.

    Thanks, Sassy Jen! I like your blog. :)

    Thanks so much, Jean. Right back at ya! Happy weekend!

  11. I have a dress that has a really similar print to yours, it's soo cool.
    This one I got in Argentina in an overpriced thrift spot..where I had to "try it on" in the middle of a plaza.. so as you can imagine I bought it without trying it on and the damn thing is too tight.

  12. Lorena, oh no, that sucks! You should get rid of it to purge yourself of that bad memory! It is a lovely pattern, though. :)


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