Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Attack of the 50 Foot...Dress Week! Tiki Dress

I actually wore this dress for I Was a Teenaged Dress Week back in September 2009 here - as noted, the hem came down and I have just gotten around to wearing it (Ruth fixed it! Yay, Ruth!).
I also wore it here, last June. I'm kind of running out of ways to wear it, since this tiki pattern of green, turquoise and brown means another colour is not so welcome.

I went with the mod 60s accessories:
And they are all vintage 60s, all items of Mom's that I er...liberated from her closet/jewelry box back in the 80s. Aside from the shoes - I bought those all by myself!

A close-up:
Even in the 80s, I always wore the belt, earrings and cuff together. It's like they're old friends.

Dress (unknown, thrifted), shoes (Pink Studio, gift money from m-i-l), belt, cuff and earrings (vintage 60s, Mom's).


  1. Awesome! Your t-strap shoes are adorable. I can see other pops of colors added to that dress. Yellow, Orange, Tomato red, even a dark purple might compliment the pattern prettily.

  2. What a cool dress. Such an unusual print!

  3. That dress is FAB! Super flattering on you, and the perfect foil for your red hair!

  4. Great print, quite unusual.

    Indigo is getting to be quite the fashion poser!

  5. I always look forward to reading your posts... this dress is
    Length, fit, color.... absolutely perfect.
    Or as Inigo would day "puuurrrrrfect"

  6. I agree with Ecc3ntricCynic -- you could easily add some splashes of another color to this fabulous dress. I think it'd look smashing with bright red shoes and maybe a skinny red belt. Likewise orange or bright yellow. Don't give up yet!

  7. The Tiki dress! I love this print on you! As for coordinating colours, the ladies have given great suggestions. I'd like to see red, green or purple with this dress.

  8. Thanks, Megan! I love the idea of yellow and orange. Ooh, purple...intriguing.

    Kristen, thanks!

    Jane, isn't it awesome? I love the pattern. Thanks!

    Thanks, Northmoon! Yes, he's a big ol' ham. :)

    Aw, thanks, Lorena. Heh, he purrs a lot...I'm sure he says that.

    Audi, great idea - I do have a red belt (wearing it tomorrow, actually). I won't give up, thanks!

    Thanks, Jen! I will give another colour a shot. It's tough not to be matchy-matchy.

  9. I probably have said this everytime you've worn that dress... It is so flattering and really makes you look so thin. I love that print and the colors are so awesome.

  10. Thanks, FA! I love it too.

    Alison, you can keep on saying that - thank you! I am still struggling with my weight - still going to my WW meetings every week.

  11. Allison is right - this dress is so very flattering to your figure!

    And I see the dress paired with mustard - maybe a mustard colored cardi over it or a blouse under it. And I think it would look good with just a peek of a white collar poking out of the neck; you could totally take it in a preppy direction by doing that and wearing some flats or simple tennies.

  12. Ah, you're too kind, Tina. :)

    Yeah, I love the idea of mustard with it - I have lots of it in my wardrobe, that's for sure! I really like the preppy idea, but I don't actually own much in the way of preppy stuff.


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