Sunday, April 18, 2010

Special Occasion - Joanne's 50th Birthday Party!

My boss, Joanne, turns 50 on Monday - she's an awesome person and a good friend. We've worked together for five years, so of course, we would go to her birthday party! We had a great time.

And, duh, of course I wore a fancy dress!
This is my amazing Betsey Johnson dress that I bought for New Year's Eve 2008. Pictures of the two times I've worn it here (New Year's Eve) and here (L's birthday 2009).
I wore it with the halter strap this time. Showing off the emerald green lining (which peeks through all the cutouts in the blue fabric) to Inigo, who insisted on being in all the pictures.

The back:
I went with blue tights this time (I hate repeating looks) - unfortunately, the toe popped on the walk home. Ah, well.

For accessories, I went with vintage sparkly:
Sorry, a bit blurry - I was in a hurry. The ring is just costume, but the earrings and bracelet (with safety chain) are Grandma J's. The stretch bracelet one of Mom's that back in the 80s.

The bracelet and earrings are part of a set (picture here). The bracelet has the "Sherman" mark:
As noted last time I wore these: This is signed Sherman, a famous Canadian jeweler who specialized in these crystal pieces in the 50s - the crystals are Swarovski and the metal is gold plated. The finish on them is called "aurora borealis".

I don't know the make of the stretchy bracelet, but it is stamped "Empire Made":
This is a mark that British companies doing business in Hong Kong used. It's very small and barely fits on my wrist.

Dress (Betsey Johnson), shoes (Jessica Simpson), stretchy cuff (Empire Made, vintage early 60s?, Mom's), earrings/bracelet (Sherman, vintage early 60s/late 50s?, Grandma J's), ring (Melanie Lynne).


  1. Seriously, that is one of the most beautiful dresses I have ever seen! And it looks beautiful with your hair color. I see your kitty is all dressed up in his tux to go with...

  2. Very pretty! The dress is gorgeous.

    (Determined not to fall behind again, LOL!)

  3. Great idea to wear it with matching tights!

  4. So so so pretty! I love that Betsy dress. Sorry about the shoes, never fun when one breaks. I love the jewelry, so fun and sparkly. You get to go to a lot of parties, that is so fun. I've been a bit bored here lately. I sure hope our house sells soon, so I can get all settled in too.

  5. That dress is a gorgeous color on you! I love the silver heels so much and sparkly accessories. I really liked it with the previous bronze shoes too.

    Also I have to say I just love Inigo. He reminds me of my old kitty, Gomez, who was also a black and white furball.

  6. Gorgeous dress--you have such nice shoulders!

  7. Love the dress. I never have enough excuses to get fancy like that.

    Also, I think you have my cat. Or a very close replica of my cat. They could be cat twins!

  8. you have a nice body and everything u wear looks beautiful on u. Very lovely jewelery.

  9. Great dress - and just wanted to say I love your hair! The style really suits you :-)

  10. Wow, just wow :-)

    Beautiful dress, georgeous shoes, stunning you!

    What a gorgeous dress !
    I love EVERYTHING about it! The color, the cut and how you styled it... !
    Oh I dream of owning a Betsey Johnson something someday....

  12. What an amazing colour! The dress looks wonderful on you, and I love that you have jewellery with some family history.

  13. Amazing dress -- I love Betsey Johnson! The silver heels are just perfect.

  14. Yummy crystals, royal dress, radiant YOU! Glad to see that Inigo also sanctions this look ;-)

  15. Lesa, haha, yes, I wanted to take him with me!

    Aw, thanks, Kristen. :)

    Thanks, Wendy!

    Alison, I love it too...but I didn't break a shoe, I popped the toe of my tights. I never break shoes - and I sure wouldn't walk home in these! Good luck with your house sale!

    Thanks, Megan, it's one of my treasured possessions. Aw, aren't tuxedo cats the sweetest? :)

    Thanks, Jane! I do my pushups!

    Jenny, thanks - and I was easily the most overdressed person at the party. You have to make your own occasions! Aw, another tux cat? Too cute!

    Thanks, Sak, that's so kind of you - I work really hard to maintain my weight, so that's nice to hear.

    Hi, kiltsnquilts, good to see you again! Thank you so much!

    Thanks, Tat!

    Thanks so much, Erin!

    Lorena, you're so funny. :) This dress was SO expensive, so I'm getting as much wear as possible out of it. Thank you!

    Thanks, Cat! I love my home-grown vintage.

    Audi, thanks! I have one good silver pair and one good gold pair that are strictly dress-up shoes! I love Betsey - I wish I had more.

    Aw, thanks, Jean! Yes, he fully approved.


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