Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hot Pink and Orange

I'm never quite sure how an outfit will translate from my idea until I actually put it on when I get to work. Fortunately, today's worked out all right.

I finally got around to doing some minor sewing (putting buttons back on stuff), so I could wear this cardigan again. Dang thing popped a button off the first time I wore it! I hate that!
Wow, my waist looks small - I like that! The cardi hits perfectly right at the top of the belt.

I liked how these two tops went together - the silk top is hot pinky-purple with orangey-red dragons on it, so it's fun to play with variations of those colours.

The stuff:
Naturally, I had to pull in the grey belt because the pattern of the fabric in the buckle also has red and purple. Then these shoes (dark red with grey piping) worked just right as a nice change from black.

A close-up:
I love those colours!

A note for those of you who have said such kind things about Othello over the past week: we are taking him in tomorrow night for his final trip to the vet. He is ready to go, and although it's hard, we are ready to let him go. I will post tomorrow's outfit in the next few days, but I'm going to take a little break to mourn him.


Cardigan (Kersh), brocade top (Lhasa, thrifted), skirt (BB Dakota), shoes (Town Shoes, thrifted), earrings (the Cobbler), belt (Shi Studio).


  1. Your color combos are great, and your waist is so small! do you have one of those Scarlett O'Hara corsets on? lol.

    As I told you before I feel for you with Othello. My heart really goes out to you. I remember my last trip to the vet with my precious Jesse. If you feel like talking I'm at

    I'll be here thinking of you.


  2. Oooh, those colors are stunning together, and the fit of all of it is perfect.

    Oh, Sheila, I'm so sorry to hear the update on Othello. Big hugs to you and to everyone. Hang in there, sweetie.

  3. you look amazing in this outfit! the pink and orange play so fabulously off of each other!

    im taking a moment of silence for othello. i know what a tough decision it is to have to make. you take whatever time you need -- we will still be here when you get back.

  4. Your waist looks tiny in that outfit.
    If you are interested I have a super Seville giveaway on my blog this week.

  5. There is a bridge in heaven where all pets wait for us. I have faith you wiil see your beloved pet again. Good luck and God bless!

  6. I just adore orange and magenta together. A match made in heaven. And the ruffle hem of that skirt? Too fab.

  7. Loooove this color combination, especially with your skin and hair! Super chic.

  8. Hi Sheila,

    I must say, that skirt makes your legs look a mile long! That whole outfit is a keeper. You look great!


  9. Love the color combo! So fresh and un-expected.

    I am doing an 18 hour Relay for Life with the American Cancer Society tomorrow. I know they focus on cancer issues in people, but my cats are like my kids. I will light a luminaria for Othello.

  10. Sheila,
    You look superb.
    I am so sorry to hear the news, honestly.
    I can only wish you strength.

  11. you look awesome as always, and - I think it is brave and lovely of you to spend those last moments with Othello. It means so much to them and you will remember that transition, eventually, with love.

  12. That skirt is so awesome. I love it!

    Hugs for you and Othello. It's so hard to say goodbye to our babies, even when it's time. But he had a great life filled with lots of love from awesome people. Take your time mourning. We'll be here when you're ready to come back.

  13. Sheila, your waist looks teeny tiny in this shot! The colours look perfect on you. And those shoes...

    Sorry to hear about Othello. Thinking of you during your time of mourning.

    ((Hugs)) to you my dear,

  14. Oh, I am so sorry about Othello. That trip to the vet is the hardest thing...I'm still not recovered, and I lost my 20+ year old fuzz-boy six years ago.
    Just know that you are doing (and have done) the best you can for him- he knows you love him.
    Try to remember all the good, the funny, the bad, and the weird little things that Othello has done! We wrote down everything we could remember about our boy, and we still pull out that paper when we want to remember, or have a chuckle. He was so much fun. It's amazing how you can forget little things- but now they're recorded for posterity.

    BTW, you look really thin- please don't forget to take care of yourself through this...

    Many good vibes and hugs to your family.
    Commenter "K" said it beautifully.
    See you when you're ready to come back-

  15. I'm so sorry to hear about Othello - we had to put down my childhood cat about 18 months ago. I was back home for a visit this week, and I came in late one night, after meeting up with some friends, and I looked for him at the top of the stairs, where he always sat, waiting for me to return. There's still that twist of pain when I don't see him there, but whether it's a picture I come across, or the fact that his name is still my password on a few accounts, I'm able to think of him fondly, instead of sadly. Hopefully that the healing process happens quickly for you!

  16. That's a sex-ay little skirt.

    You're a good cat mom. Best wishes to all of you!

  17. Take care Sheila. Keeping you and L in my thoughts.

  18. What a great color combination, and the shape of that skirt is just adorable. I'm so sad for Othello -- you're in my thoughts. Hang in there.

  19. Lesa, thank you! I am proud to say that's just me - although the belt is nice and wide so does remind me to keep it all in.

    You are such a sweet soul, hon. thank you so much for your offer. *hug*

    Kristen, thanks so much! I appreciate your kind words.

    Thanks, Jean. *hug*

    Thanks, Sam! I am loving colour right now. And thank you, for your empathy for Othello, I appreciate it. *hug*

    Jane, thanks! I will check that out.

    Thank you, Anonymous - I know of the Rainbow Bridge, and it always makes me cry.

    Sal, you're the queen of this colour combo! Thanks!

    Thanks, E!

    Thanks very much, Lisa!

    KayeStar, thank you for posting. I'm honoured that you're lighting a luminaria for my kitty - thank you.

    Thanks, Lorena. *hug*

    Thank you, Roberta, it was really, really hard.

    Thanks, K! As you can see, not much of a break, but that's okay too. Thank you for your kind words. *hug*

    Thanks, Mervat! *hug* to you - thank you for your sympathy.

    Rita, it was so hard, thank you. L and I went through our old photo albums and looked at all the was good.

    Gosh, no, I am very careful with my weight. It's the outfit, honest!
    Thank you, again. *hug*

    Cara, thank you so much. It's such a hard thing to do. I keep seeing Othello everywhere. *hug*

    Thanks, Wendy!

    Thanks, Jen.

    Thanks, Audi. Give Georgie an extra hug for him.


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