Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Pencil Shorts and a New 'Do!

I would never even have tried on these shorts except that they were in the Noa Noa section and what the hell? The quality is A+. Surprisingly, they fit AND looked good (one doesn't necessarily follow the other). Done!

Um, they were less wrinkled before I worked a whole day in them.
I also just got my hair cut - I wanted something chic and funky. I get so tired of the old bob, and finally had to lay down the law to my hairdresser. Give me funky! Of course, she bouffed it all up. It won't look like this tomorrow.

The thing that I love about these shorts (aside from the satin inside the waistband and the metal zipper and the pockets) is that the length is just like a pencil skirt:
It felt like I was wearing a skirt all day.

The stuff:
Lovely shoes, pretty baubles.

A close-up of the 'do. I dyed it last night so that I'd have the full-on "new hair" experience... although I can't wait to wash all the gunk out of it. Bleh.
Oh, and here's a close-up of the jewelry:

Vest (Le Chateau, gift from Ruth), blouse (Kaliko, consignment), shorts (Noa Noa), shoes (Steve Madden, thrifted), necklace/earrings (Plum), ring (10 years old).


  1. Cute! Your hair is so fantastic! It's so flattering on you. I like the shorts too, they look really versatile. Especially for summer. =D

  2. Go Sheila!!! Those SHOES = terrific!
    And your new 'do really brings out your upbeat personality AND provides a great showcase for all those fabulous earrings.

    Though I usually peruse my bookmarked blogs late in the evening, I always want to go get gussied up after reading your posts :-)


  3. Adorable haircut!!! It really accents your cheekbones!
    Shorter hair looks really great on you- and right in time for spring/summer...

  4. Your hair looks great! Don't you hate that they make it look so great and you can never do the same. That is why I keep my bob, but I am thinking I am okay because its shorter in the back.

    Love the shoes too! have a wonderful day!

  5. I love your new hair, so cute and funky!! I really like the longer length shorts, they are so versatile and like wearing a pencil skirt. I wore my black pair yesterday.

  6. Cute 'do! Love those shoes too. Great heel height.

  7. Your hair is hot woman !
    With that new look the hubby might think about getting you a bodyguard :)

  8. Forgot to say that I am going running today, thank you for suggesting it.... hopefully I will turn all that anger into sweat (uuu sounds yucky)

  9. Love your new haircut! Its awesome! I'm so jealous that you can wear shorts/capris to work during the week.

    We can only wear them on "casual friday."

  10. Love the new "do" :D Definitely Chic and Funky :Dt

  11. Super-cute new hair!! I love it!

    Spring has sprung, perfect time for those lovely pencil-shorts.

  12. Fabulous new 'do! I like those shorts, too - I would never think to pick up something like that either, but you make them look so stylish.

  13. Wheee! I ADORE the new cut! What a flattering, funky look for you, doll.

  14. Thanks, Megan! I always come back to short hair after a couple of years. Yes, I'm looking forward to lots of wear out of these this summer.

    Jean, ha, thank you! I'm glad you like the hair. :) Ha, really? That's funny. I should post what I wear around the house some time.

    Rita, thank you so much!

    Thanks, Jane!

    Lesa, thank you - yeah, but this time it was more "yikes, old lady!" hair than great. I do love a bob that comes up in the back - my hair is just not thick enough to keep a bob's shape.

    Thanks, Alison! Cool, those sound great!

    Thanks, Wendy! Yeah, I adore these shoes.

    Lorena, you're so funny - thank you! I hope you burn off your anger and had a good run!

    Thanks, Lain! Really? That sucks - I'd think as long as they are dressy fabric and cut they should be fine during the week.

    Thanks, Tat! We're twins!

    Sherylyn, thanks, sweetie! Oh, I hope spring stays!

    Thank you, Cat! I'm just not a pants gal, you know? I always gravitate to skirts first.

    Sal, thanks, hon!

  15. Those shoes are divine, and I LOVE the new 'do!

  16. Love your new do, so fresh!:-)
    Pants also fab!


    You. Look. STUNNING. Wow. I love the color too; combined with the cut it is so completely you.

    Now change your blogger icon I can see the new cut all the time! :)

  18. Thanks, Kristen! It definitely feels more me, that's for sure. Yes, ma'am, I will get right on that. :)

  19. Yay for a new do! I really want to get a new haircut too, esp now that the wedding is over and I don't "need" long hair anymore. Okay, who am I kidding? I've always had long hair and it is what suits me. But I am bored with it. Maybe I'll use you for inspiration and go for a major chop - if I can get Rand to stop protesting the idea.

  20. Thanks, Tina! I told L when we started dating that it's my hair and I'll do what I want with it, heh heh. He likes it long (all guys do), but I like to change it up. After all, it's only hair - it grows back!


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