Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Pale Neutrals

First day doing my hair after the cut - it's a bit windblown from my three toque-less walks today (yay! it's finally sunny and warm!). Today's new item is this Noa Noa top:
The seaming under the bust is a little unfortunate - I wish it had another seam right across the ribcage under the boob seams, just to define the waist a bit more. And I probably should have given this outfit a test-drive before I packed it up for work. Ah well, live and learn.

The thin sweater underneath the lacy top is also new-to-me: a gift from Caro (I think it's her mom's). It goes well with the lace top.

Inigo was rolling around near me while I took pictures, so I grabbed him for a cuddle.
Aw, big ol' lovey kitty.

The lace top was $19.99 with 20% off. As you can see, it's "sugar" coloured.
I can also see that the delivery would have been for late spring/early summer 2008 in stores.

The stuff:
Fab shoes! Oh, the wicker bangle is also new - I grabbed that at Club Monaco about a month ago - it was $9.

A close-up:
You can see the nice trim on the lace top, which is from the "Penniless Net" line. The earrings are Grandma J's (research here).

Top (Noa Noa), cami/sweater (Ellen Tracy, gift from Caro), skirt (Kensie), shoes (Le Chateau), bangle (Club Monaco), necklace (Plum), earrings (vintage 50s, Grandma J).


  1. Great retro vibe--you look like you popped out of the Blondie comic strip.

  2. You did great with the hair today. I really like the deep red too. Pretty details on the top and fun bangle.

    I just have to brag a little... I picked up a new wrap dress today for $3.75 and it was $98 new. I thrifted it and it still had the tags on it. Crazy!

    Love the snuggle kitty!!!

  3. I like the top more after seeing the close up shots. It reads solid from far away.. also cute shoes!

    I'm loving your new 'do. =D

  4. Lovin' that do. Those earrings really rock with your new cut. I'm also liking the way you layered the NN top, going darker underneath it rather than lighter or matchy. And you KNOW how I feel about shoes like that. They punctuate the whole deal.

    This is another winner, Sheila!


    ps: Waving to Inigo :-)

  5. the top and the shoes are so pretty, still loving the kitty.

    Never heard of a toque until I met my Canadian husband,needless to say, I have never worn one.

  6. I need to make an appointment with your kitty. Mine is just not the cuddling type, and too bony anyway, I miss the big furry warm kitty hugs from my Mosquito, who Inigo totally reminds me of. Wow that was a whole lot of bad grammar.

    I like this outfit. It's light and springy and your hair looks killer!!

  7. You look sooo summery !
    I like your hair and I have to agree with you on the top....

  8. This looks great on you. I love how soft and chic you look

  9. I really like the "stuff". (I've been gone on vacation and am catching up. Had to wizz through a bunch of your posts - it was fast but fun. I'm admiring your short, short hair.

  10. Jane, aw, thanks, what a great compliment!

    Alison, thanks! I am getting used to it - it's always a little traumatic going so short. Wow, that is such a deal - score! What brand was it?

    Thanks, yeah, it comes across better in person - it's quite a lovely top. Thanks!

    Wendy, thanks, ha!

    Jean, thank you. I'll probably try it lighter next time I wear this, maybe something layered over top too. Yeah, the shoes are killer. :)

    Thanks, Lesa! You are so missing out on the toque.

    Wow, thanks, Sassy Jen (love the handle). I really appreciate that. Hey! You're a fellow Canuck, cool. I really like your blog.

    Hey, honey, thanks for the walk tonight. Aw, you can cuddle my kitties any time you are over. Thanks!

    Thanks, Lorena, and I appreciate you being straight with me. I'll do better with it next time. :)

    Thanks, Erin!

    Thanks, Couture!

    Rebecca, there you are, welcome back! I was beginning to wonder where you were. :) Thanks very much!

  11. So classy! Your new do is sparklingly great. The shorter cut really words well with your face and makes your clothes seem even edgier! I quite like the cat, too, haha..


  12. Hey Sheila,

    The dress is a Royal Robbins. It's an outdoor type of company. It has Sun protection, dri X-treme moisture wicking and it is wrinkle resistant. Should be great for travelling. Here's a link to the dress on the website.

    Looks like the online price is lower than the store price. It's a deep charcoal, almost black. So versatile. Probably more than you wanted to know, huh? Guess, I'm excited, hehe!

  13. Thanks so much, Julia! I always seem to come back to this cut - I've had it (or something similar) about a dozen times, easily.

    Alison, oh wow, that is a really pretty dress! And so versatile! No kidding, I'd be excited too!

  14. Ooooh, I love how vibrant your hair and lipstick are against the paler neutrals of the outfit. That really works together well!

  15. Thanks, Kristen, I'm glad you picked up on that - I wanted to make sure I didn't disappear in a sea of blah.

  16. Man, I am really loving that skirt and all those lovely accessories. Awesome outfit.

  17. Whoa, a bunch of comments just appeared two weeks later!

    Jane, thank you so much - I love that compliment!

    Thanks, Alison! Wow, bargain queen!

    Thanks, Megan - it's a cool top, really.

    Wendy, thanks!


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