Monday, April 12, 2010

Not a Lazy Monday!

No, I was not a lazy girl this week - I spent an hour or so yesterday puttering about in my closet, planning my outfits this week. I have to be a bit conservative again, with my VP here (and working at the desk right beside me - yikes!).

But of course, I had to incorporate all my new Noa Noa samples from my Friday shop stop:
The wrap cardi is new. It's actually a very dark grey (although the tag said it was black). The sleeves are woven, as is a panel across the shoulder and the ties at the waist, but the rest of it is a very fine-gauge sweater knit of cotton and linen. It was $24.99 with an extra 20% off (regular price: $150).

Ha! My sleeves and shoulders look massive in that picture! But only when my arms are akimbo, not with them down like this:
Those are new shoes! Well, new-to-me, since they were second-hand. They're Max Studio and were $44.00 - they are nearly identical to this shoe. I had a pair of granny shoes back when I started this blog, but they were crappy quality and I got rid of them fast.

These are soft leather...but I do have to complain about one thing: leather laces! Seriously, they do not stay done up. I have done a double knot on them and can slip them on and off, but what a pain.

The stuff:
The cuff is also new - I picked it up in one of my favourite gifty shops a few weeks ago for $8.

A close-up:
The cuff is grey with white swirled through.

Cardigan (Noa Noa), cami (Ricki's, gift from Ruth), skirt (Talbot's, consignment), shoes (Max Studio, consignment), cuff (Oscar & Libby's), earrings (gift from Elaine).


  1. I looove the color of that skirt. The cardigan is also super cute. I love the quirky silhouette.

  2. Very, very nice. Conservative yes, but with a twist! I'm liking the color combo with the dark gray . . . and that cuff. And what's super impressive is that you didn't have to break bank for the NN. Good job!

    Points all around :-)

  3. Hi Sheila, I love love your cardi and the shoes - the whole outfit! I recently got a blouse with similar sleeves (we call them lanterns in Russian). They make me feel like a linebacker but I don't care!

    Good luck with your VP so close :)

  4. I am so envious of these Noa Noa finds! I love that wrap top - a little whimsical but still sophisticated.

  5. I had a pair of shoes like that but with a platform in the early '90s and I wish I still had them!

  6. Love the colour combination here and the shoes are sublime.($44? Bargain!) It's a really smart outfit.

  7. Ooo, so cool. Love the new cardi. I've been wanting a cuff similar to your new one. I just need to buy the components to make one. You new shoes look so soft. They are so versatile and fun!

  8. Beautiful outfit--love the gray and rust together under the black, and the lines are so elegant.

  9. What a fantastic color combo to pair with the dark grays!

  10. Muy bonito !
    I may add you look very vicepresidential....
    In regards to the shoes, they remind me of my suede booties that also have a leather lace.... which I have been thinking about changing to maybe satin ? I don't know still...

  11. Thanks, Megan - the skirt is one of my wardrobe staples.

    Jean, thanks! Yay! Points!

    Thanks, Tanya! Ooh, I like that - I should name this my lantern cardi.

    Cat, I know, they're a score! Thank you!

    Wendy, don't you hate when you regret getting rid of good shoes? *sigh*

    Thanks, Baxter! I like your blog - I want to see what you bought in New York!

    Alison, thanks! I've seen lots of these cuffs around, but they're mostly pricey. The shoes will get softer, but they're not bad now.

    Thanks, Jane!

    Sal, thanks!

    Thank you, Lorena! Ha, I hope so - I'm really working on it this week. I like the idea of changing out the laces to satin!

  12. The color combos in this is very sophisticated. Love it all!

  13. Thanks, Kristen! I love blues and oranges together.

  14. This outfit creates an amazing silhouette on you - very hourglass without being too vampy. I love it! Combine with the conservative and sophisticated color palette, you look very fashionable and "in charge."

  15. Tina, thanks so much! I always feel authoritative when I have something bigass on, whether it's shoes or sleeves, haha.


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