Thursday, April 8, 2010

I'm Walking on Sunshine

This one's for Lesa, who loves these yellow boots:This dress is new to me - Ruth and I traded black dresses. I got this one and she got this one. I've worn mine at least 5 times for the blog (and a few times before then), and I needed a cute little t-shirty one like this one. Thanks, Ruth!

I got a lot of "Wow, look at those boots!" comments today.

A close-up of the top half (since blacks photograph so poorly):
The top of the dress is a faux wrap - it had a sash that was stitched on, but that limited me from wearing a belt so I removed it! Ha! Take that!

The stuff:
A close-up:
I love that jewelry set.

Dress (BCBG Max Azria, swap with Ruth), cami (InWear), boots (Aldo, consignment), belt (Bianca Nygard), earrings/necklace (Lucky Brand, gift from L), ring (consignment).


  1. Those boots are so amazing and bright! I've been considering removing the self-tie belt on my faux wrap dress for the same reason. I looove the turquoise belt and all the jewelry.

  2. I like the flow in the black and yellow, gently *punctuated* by the turquoise belt. And YOU can really rock those boots!Indeed, they are like sunshine.


  3. You're right, that necklace is divine. I thought it was some Native American piece you got on some special trip. And you're looking SO slender these days -- what are you doing different? Absolutely beautiful.


    **Yeah, I've never had good posture. All that ballet I took for nothing :)

  4. Great fit to the dress. I love customising stuff by ripping out bits - veyr therapeutic.

  5. That dress is a great fit on you, and I love all the bits of color in this, especially that turquoise belt. Makes you look super-skinny. :)

    And who doesn't love those boots? They are so great.

  6. I'll say it again "wow. look at those boots!" Also really, really love the necklace.

  7. I too love these boots as they remind me of my first ever "grown up" footwear. I had some bright yellow platform & high heel boots when I was about 12. I loved them to bits and wore them until they were too small, then I gave them to my younger cousin who had coveted them for ages. I have never had footwear since that I loved so much!

  8. There is great color here.... !!!! It's so much fun !
    I like all your "stuff" !!

  9. I'm so glad to see the yellow boots again. I love them with the black dress and the jewelry really tie everything together. Very Cool!

  10. I love these boots too! The dress is perfect on you, and I love the color of the belt. You never run out of ideas!

  11. Thanks, Megan - I love them. Do it! Make your dress work for you.

    Jean, thanks!

    Thanks, Jane!

    Julia, isn't it cool? Aw, you're too kind - doing nothing new with my weight, just trying to maintain, as it's been creeping up the last few months. Heh, and with ballet training? You bad girl. :)

    Jane, it is, isn't it? You have to get it right for yourself.

    Kristen, thank you! Aw, so sweet.

    Lesa, thanks!

    Thanks for that great memory, Fay! That's awesome.

    Sal, I got the "Big Bird" comment all day!

    Lorena, thanks!

    Alison, thank you so much. I had a fun time with this look.

    Tanya, thank you!


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