Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Double Velvet - and Downgraded to a Silver

First, I have to apologize for incorrect information in yesterday's post: I did not win a gold (I won a silver) and I did not come in 3rd overall (I came in 6th overall). My source was not quite correct (*ahem*Mom*ahem*). But I was only beaten by 1 minute for the gold! Ah well, next year.

Damn. I wanted that gold.

Anyway, moving on! I got this vest a couple of weekends ago:
It's a classic late 80s/early 90s vest - I had a couple like this back in the day (I love vests - they are just so flattering on and they suck everything in nicely). I love the black velvet, so what better to pair with it than more velvet?

The skirt is sort of new - I've worn it once, here. Today, I had fun with texture. Velvet with lace, with the tough rocker chick accessories:Inigo helped with the pictures.

Second wear for these shoes, too - I last wore them for the Wardrobe Challenge in March. Man, they are comfortable.
I love the way the snakeskin looks with the lace and velvet.

A close-up:
I was cleaning out some of my old stuff and found that scrolly cross necklace in a drawer. I bought it for a party many years ago and totally forgot about it.

I'm actually wearing tights:
They're sort of a pebble-y fishnet. Great at hiding varicose veins, haha!

Inigo also got involved in the leg pictures:
Hee, look at his pink belly.

Caught Othello this morning in his favourite chair:
I can see he's watching me.

Vest (Surrey Classics, consignment), lace top (Noa Noa), cami (Plum), skirt (Club Monaco), shoes (Aerosoles), cross (Claire's), necklace (Plum), cuff (old).


  1. Silver will go better with the top outfit anyway! I like the silver skirt AND the vest!

  2. An outfit post comes in on little cat feet.

  3. Cute skirt! It looks like the silver velvet version of my leather skirt. The vest is cute too. Vests are great for cinching in.

    Too bad about the gold, but silver is pretty darn good too. =D Congrats on the race!

    Of course you know I drooled over those shoes. ;]

    I love the kitty pics. Inigo's belly and feets. Othello's little ear is cocked towards the camera too.

  4. I like silver better than gold anyway 8-). Every single accesory you have here rocks.

    love to Othello.

  5. Oh Moms. We're gold medal-winners in their minds, aren't we?

    This outfit has such sass. It's coming off you in WAVES, lady!

  6. That is the best vest ever! This is a great silhouette on you.

  7. Congrats! Silver's good too! Next time, gold will be your colour!

    Cool and comfortable look! I have always loved your office rocker chic styling. Wedge shoes are the best for high heeled comfort aren't they?

  8. I remember this skirt from the last time you wore it because I liked it so much.
    Have to say I love ur tights!! more now that you mention it can help disguise the damn little veins.
    I go once a year to my dermatologist to get mine injected and it hurts like hell....

  9. I just love all the texture here, and the sheen on the skirt. Fabulous accessorizing!

  10. but you look so fiiiiiine in silver!

    Go for the gold next time. Extra motivation now!

  11. Thanks, Rebecca!

    Wendy, nice TS Eliot reference, thank you.

    Megan, thanks! I love your leather skirt.

    Lesa, you're too sweet, thank you.

    Sal, yes, we are! Thanks, hon!

    Jane, thanks!

    Thanks, Jen! I hope so. I love getting in a little bit of rocker in the office, hee hee. I do love a good pair of wedges.

    Thanks, Lorena! Yes, these tights are a godsend - I have awful veins in my legs.

    Thanks so much, Audi!

    Kristen, aw, thank you!


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