Monday, April 5, 2010

Mopey Monday

This is the only office job I've ever had where we didn't get Easter Monday off - of course, after working for more than 10 years in retail, getting any weekend time off is marvellous, but still.

This is the worst weekend of the year, because...the roads are dead, the sidewalks are empty...the few people you see are out for a lovely bike ride or walking their dogs look at you pitying as if to say, "You poor thing! You have to work on a holiday."

This is my little pity party. Especially since L was off all day. I slogged away at work while the sun shone. So I was exceedingly lazy and wore an outfit that I had planned for last week (before I remembered that we got Friday off):
It's a big pile of "meh". I planned it around the black and white rings that I picked up a couple of weeks ago at Club Monaco ($9 for the zebra one, $1 for the polka dot one). But you know, like the plain white shirt, basic black dress pants just don't do it for me. I probably wouldn't even keep these if they weren't part of a pant suit (you can always use a pant suit).

I'm also not sold on this sweater. I love the colour, the fabric (cotton/silk/cashmere), but I'm not used to the dropped waist shape - I prefer my waist defined now that I have one!

The stuff:
The Fluevog "Listen Up Harlow" shoes.

The groovy rings:
The one on the left gave me a green ring around my finger.

Sweater (Express, thrifted), cami (Smart Set), pants (Max Studio), shoes (Fluevogs), rings (Club Monaco).


  1. smoking hot shoes can always liven up a "meh" outfit.

    coat the inside of the ring that gave you green finger with clear nail polish.

  2. The colors of the cami/sweater/redhead look yummy. And the shoes . . . there's no room for "meh" when sportin' Fluevogs like that!

    I hear ya on the desire to "cinch n' show" the waist. Hey, we EARNED those braggin' rights.

    Well done.

  3. Well, you're "meh" is pretty great. I think the shoes and rings keep it fun :)

  4. Those rings are awesome - they remind me of glass beads that my mom has on a necklace. But more than that, I'm crazy about the blue and chartreuse colors in your layered tops. That is one of the best redhead-friendly color combinations I've seen.

    Man, maybe I should get a job in Canada. Monday isn't considered to be a holiday for us, and only rarely do companies take Good Friday off (mine doesn't.)

  5. Glad you got the scarf - look forward to seeing it on you.

  6. Love, love, love those rings! And I agree that the color of the sweater is gorgeous on you!

  7. I love the green and blue together. The rings are really fun. Maybe try some clear nail polish on the inside of the one that left it's mark on you.

  8. I don't know, lady, the details on that sweater are pretty fantastic! I'd say this is far from "meh."

  9. Love those rings..... I could also see them hanging from a long necklace....
    I hate rings that make my fingers turn green... and also hate earrings that make my ears turn green.
    I should make a hate list.

  10. Pfft, that sweater looks fab. And you can't go wrong with those fabulous Fluevogs!

  11. I love the over sized rings. Fantastic.

  12. LaShaune, you're right, thanks! Good idea...if I wasn't so lazy, I would probably do that...

    Jean, thanks! Yes, it feels weird to be hiding my waist. I don't trust that feeling.

    Aw, thanks, FA.

    Kari, aren't they cool? Can you believe they were regular about $40? Crazy. Yeah, I love the colour combo, too. Aw, that sucks -Good Friday is a stat holiday here (if you work, you get holiday pay).

    Jane, I wore it today!

    Thanks, Couture. :)

    Thanks, Alison, it's a plan...that I will probably never do. :-P

    Sal, thanks, I appreciate that.

    Lorena, I like that idea, I may have to try that! Heh, you should definitely make a hate list.

    Wendy, I am?? How cool, thank you!

    Cat, thanks!

    Thanks, Kim!


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