Friday, April 16, 2010

Casual Friday - Pants Like Sails!

I was so tickled to see gorgeous Sal's post the other day where she's wearing wide-leg pants. I got these amazing Noa Noa pants last Friday and I am in looooove. I don't care if they are "in" or trendy, I like 'em and I'm going to wear 'em.
Oh my goodness, I had forgotten how amazing a wide-leg cotton pant feels. I felt like I had great stiff canvas sails on my legs - I swooshed through my day, making a crackling noise like gusts of wind propelling a great sailing ship through the water. I imagined sailors in duck cloth trousers - I think I will call these my sailor pants.

They were $39.99 plus an extra 20% off (regular price is $160.00), and the tag tells me these were made for Spring 2009.
As with my other Noa Noa pieces, the details on these pants are amazing. They have two sets of pockets on the front legs: a deep slash pocket, and a short pocket (where my hand is in the first picture). They also have the tab pockets on the bum (above), gorgeous seaming all over, and a double button at the waistband. And the cotton is thick enough that it's not see-through!

These replace my godawful "mom jeans". Seriously, like a gazillion times better, am I right?

Okay, moving on, the denim shirt and the fish tee are also new-to-me. I got the shirt off the 50% off rack at one of my favourite consignment stores, for a whopping $6. It's Mexx, and is super-thin and soft. I like the tailoring, the lack of flap pocket in the boobular region (a big no-no for me) and the strong shoulder.

One of the boob pockets is actually inside! Handy for my mp3 player.
The fish tee was around $20, but I fell in love with it. I could wear this layered over my long-sleeved red tee or the mustard tee. The pattern is the same on the back.
This last picture is at the end of the day - I've stripped off my yellow bangle and silver hoop earrings, but see how few wrinkles the pants have! Here's a picture of the shoes.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Shirt (Mexx, consignment), tee (AVA American Version Apparel, consignment), pants (Noa Noa), belt (Denver Hayes, gift from Ruth), shoes (Portia), bangle (thrifted).


  1. Amaaazing pants. I'm jealous those are so amazing. I adorable wide-legged pants.

    Also I'm loving the orange shoes. I'm still on the look out for a pair.

  2. I agree that the shirt is asking for a long-sleeve under it. We're coming out of the season for it, but versatile indeed.

    I hope everything is well with you.

  3. Love those sailor pants on you. I know what you mean about Noa Noa - the quality of the clothes is excellent.

  4. *love* that look - really fresh and springy. I know what you mean about wide leg trousers - I've a few pairs that I really love for that swish of fabric.

  5. Oh wow!!! Those are some gorgeous pants!! Really cool shirt, I love that it has a pocket on the inside and the Tee so cute. What great finds. You look so chic and sophisticated.

  6. So glad you're loving your new "sailors" Sheila :-) The accessories you chose - all of them - are terrific too!

    Have a great weekend.

  7. Wowza, those are some amazing pants, lady!! And can I just say that I am IN LOVE with your hair!! I haven't read blogs all week, and I was so surprised to see your awesome new hair. That color really suits you, and the cut is SO fun and funky!

  8. Thanks, Megan! I love the orange shoes.

    Hey, Tristan, nice to see you! Yup, it's getting a little warm for the extra layers. I'm good - how are you?

    Thanks, Jane! Yes, I'm totally impressed with the brand.

    Cat, thanks. There's just something about a big wide leg, isn't there?

    Thanks, Alison! I was pretty pleased with all the new things.

    Thanks, Jean! I hope you had a great weekend.

    Aw, thanks, FA, glad you like the new 'do.

    Thanks, Sam!

  9. I love this. I love that tee, and I love how you have styled it with the pants, which are fabulous on you, and the jacket. It looks so dressy, but so comfy!

  10. Lorena likes this... a lot... too much.... :)

  11. The pants are fantastic, and I love the washed out look of the outfit without the jacket; it totally works with your coloring. Layered up with saturated colors, that tee would take on a whole different look.

  12. Thanks so much, Erin - it was wonderfully comfy on a Friday (although I was constantly on blue pen alert).

    Lorena, how can you possibly like something too much? ;)

    Audi, thanks - yes, that's my thinking too. I so seldom go all pale in an outfit (part of that is the bright light at the end of the day).

  13. I love everything about this outfit: the wide white pants, the perfect little T (wish I could wear crew neck Ts), but best of all was your description of how you felt walking around all day. Whooosh, feel the wind!

  14. Thanks, Tina, yeah, this one was a winner in my books as well. :) You'd look great in a v-neck tee - don't despair! Haha, yes, I felt the wind!


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