Monday, August 31, 2009

Red and Yellow and Orange - Oh My!

My lovely mother-in-law and I went shopping while we visited them - it's a tradition we do together. We hit all the thrift stores and the consignment stores. She always wants to buy me something and sometimes I let her...especially when I can't buy any new shoes or clothes!

I built my outfit today around the shoes. Colour!
Inigo interferes again - he was very lovey tonight.

My groovy vintage top, my yellow cardi for work and where the heck are the shoes??
Oh, there they are! These were $20 at Liquidation World. They say they are leather, but I am suspect. Anyway, they are an orangey-salmony-coral colour and I love them!

The stuff:
They look very pink there, but trust me, they are more orange. That's also my new gold filigree cuff (worn over the weekend as well).

Cardigan (no label, consignment), vintage top (Style Rite, vintage), suit pants (Studio Max), shoes (Valley Lane, gift), cuff (The Bay), earrings (Plum).


  1. Those colors look great together! I love the pattern on the shirt and, of course, the new shoes! Hooray for mother-in-laws! Mine just bought me some stuff for sewing, since I'm trying to get into it.

  2. I LOVE this outfit! The colors are so pretty. A perfect late summer/early fall ensemble.

    And once again, killer shoes!

  3. I think your shoe collection rivals my own in depth and breadth, doll!

  4. Loved the combination, that cardi nailed it !
    Can I have your shoes ?

  5. Beautiful colors on you! And it's starting to feel like fall here. I will be pulling more cardigans out soon.

  6. Thanks, FA! Yes, hooray! They can be awesome.

    Chris, thanks - I really love the top, it's so versatile. Yup, the shoes rock.

    Sal, I only have 73 pairs, last count.

    Thanks, Lorena! :)

    Sher, thank you! I know, I can feel it in the air.


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