Wednesday, August 5, 2009

It's All About the Shoes

I am so tired. How can I be this tired when it's only Wednesday? L and I painted our place every day of the long weekend. Many coats of paint. And we just got home from dragon boat practice - the first big race is on Saturday!

All that whining aside, I have just been waiting for the right moment to unveil my new shoes:
Erm, please ignore the salt water on my legs (Monsieur Splashy-Pants was behind me today) and the hat-head.

This is the t-shirt I got in the Swap-O-Rama (it's actually one of Ruth's, how 'bout that?), and I didn't know what to wear with it, because it's a weird colour. Sort of bluey-greeny-grey-y? Anyway, I got these shoes a couple of weeks ago (Hilary Radley, new to me, $33, yessiree) and when I put them in the closet, I noticed, "Hey, these sort of match that t-shirt! Sweet!"

Note: the colours in the above picture are more acurate than in the picture below.

The stuff:
Nice details on the shoes - I love the little sparkly buckle and all the nice folds (real leather...ooooh). Added just the plain black suit skirt (it has shadow polka dots), the cami with black sequins and my old Fairweather circa 2001 choker. I felt very polished and elegant all day.

Top (RW & Co., swapped, Ruth's), cami (Esprit), skirt (Jacob, consignment), shoes (Hilary Radley, consignment), choker (Fairweather), crystal stud earrings.


  1. Those shoes deserve to be the focus of the outfit, they are divine!

  2. the pics don't do the new shoes justice. They are absolutely lovely! B

  3. SO fun when two items unexpectedly compliment each other! The shoes are a fab find, lady.

  4. Love the new shoes! Very pretty and the details are so nice. Ruth's shirt is perfect with them.

    I'm hoping my birthday shoes will be here today! (getting the leopard's I told you about)YAY!

  5. Exactly what I was going to say, Bonnie. No justice at ALL. The gorgeous colour of the shoes doesn't show up properly in the photograph.

  6. Much love for the shoes! Sorry for not posting an outfit yesterday - I was home sick. Aw...

    Thanks, Wendy, Bianca, FashionAddict, Bonnie, Sal, Christy, Alison (can't wait to see those leopard shoes!), Ruth, Chris and Sher!


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