Monday, August 17, 2009

Monday Already? Swooshy Skirt

After an exhausting weekend of the Dragon Boat Festival (we sucked, but we weren't last!), I feel like I haven't had any weekend at all. And as of today, my house has no carpet in the living room, dining room, library and hallway - and even though I tried to hold onto my "no stuff in this path" zone for taking my photos, we have run out of room.
Behold, I stand on my hall closet doors! I look strained. I hate chaos.

However, I did feel very pretty in this outfit today, and a swooshy skirt always lifts my mood. I played with this lovely silk skirt all day.

The stuff:
I love these shoes. My jewelry boxes are now blocked, because the giant TV is on the dresser, so goodness knows how this will impact my outfits this week. I keep telling myself, "It's an adventure!" and in 2 days, I will have lovely laminate wood floors instead of the disgusting 20+ year old carpet.

Now, excuse me while I go sit on the bed to eat my dinner.

Blouse (Esprit), cami (InWear), skirt (Nine West), shoes (Jessica Simpson), belt (don't recall - bought it at The Bay), necklace (Caracol, gift from L), ring (Guess), white gold hoop earrings.


  1. I absolutely love this outfit, it has a 50's feel to it, I think because of the shape of the skirt. Very classic!!

  2. I love the skirt! I too love swooshy skirts - they make me feel feminine when I am a bit of a tomboy at heart! I don't do frills and flowers very well so a swooshy skirt is enough!

    At least your accessories are neutral if you have to wear them for the next few days Lol! I am sure it will be worth all the chaos, just grit those teeth and smile :-)))))

  3. Fabulous skirt - and Yeah for not being last! Awesome!

  4. gorgeous skirt! hope your renovation is going well!

  5. Sounds like you're having a busy week! Just think, in a couple days it'll all be over and back to (new) normal.

    Great skirt & i love those shoes!

  6. Gorgeous print on that skirt! I love the whole outfit.

  7. Your sillouette is lovely in this. And you may feel you look strained, but I took one look at your pose and immediately thought of you as conquering all your household stuff that was encroaching on your space. Hardwoods floors are worth it!

  8. So pretty! I think I need a nice flowy skirt to boost my mood while at work. Will you show us the new floors when they're all done? I have a thing for all things wooden haha

  9. MS - thanks so much. I have been loving the 50s look lately.

    Wendy, second to last, I admit it. We were beaten by a team of breast cancer survivors.

    kiltsnquilts, thank you - me too. I don't indulge in girly stuff too much, but I do love a swooshy skirt! I have enough accessories so that I don't have to wear the same thing every day...but I want to have everything available at all times, haha! Yes, it will be worth it!

    Christy, thanks!

    Eednic, thank you - it is almost over...

    BAM, it has been a busy month! I just want it done already! Thanks!

    FashionAddict, thank you! I call it my painty-skirt.

    Tina, aw, you are so sweet. Ha! That's it exactly! I conquer this mess. We are doing laminate floors, not hardwood.

    Kaylyn, thanks! Yes, I'm going to do one big post with a ton of pictures. The floors aren't actually wood (we aren't permitted to have wood floors in our condo), just laminate.

    Thanks, Lesa!


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