Saturday, August 22, 2009

Casual Friday - Green and White

Ah, Friday! Reward for a hard week - it feels great to throw on the old jeans.
Hee, who's that in the bottom corner of the picture?

I wore my nice tailored cream jacket all day with this:
Kept it simple since I'm fighting off allergies yet again and I feel like crap.

The stuff:
Here we are nearing the end of August and I think I've only worn these shoes a couple of times. The soles are cracking and the heels are peeling off, so once I can get everything out of my closet and give it a good clean, these are getting turfed. That's one great thing about doing this blog: I can really see what I wear and what I don't. I'm looking forward to taking a big haul to the consignment store after my friends have had a pick through.

Happy weekend!

Jacket (Club Monaco, consignment), t-shirt (Twisted), jeans (Seven7, gift from Caro), belt (no brand), shoes (Gotta Flurt), earrings (gift shop on vacation), ring (not photographed) (Fossil).


  1. The dark green looks really stunning on you, love the shoes, earrings and kitty cat! Have a nice weekend.

  2. Oooh I love the greens! SO pretty. The shoes are adorable and I love the jacket as well! Nice outfit!! :)

  3. Can I be your friend and have those shoes????LOL...

  4. Love that jacket and the shoes! They are so fun.

  5. I LOVE the dark green and white combo, and those shoes pull it all together.

  6. I love how this looks on you !
    The cream jacket and the shoes pulled the whole look together... too bad you are waving the shoes goodbye...
    OMG! I have those earrings...

  7. Thanks, Lesa!

    Wendy, me too - it's so cute.

    Bianca, thanks!

    Kari, thank you.

    FashionAddict - thanks. I'm going to miss the shoes.

    Lorena, thanks! Yeah, but the shoes are just falling apart.

  8. I love gettting to see you in jeans. And I consider it a job well done when I wear something enough that I have to get rid of it. It always makes me feel like it was a smart purchase and that I got my money's worth. Of course, that is supposing that they are falling apart after lots of love and not just because of poor construction. B/c that is the worst.

  9. Thanks, Tina - I actually wear jeans around the house 90% of the time. And I agree, if I've worn it out, then I've gotten my money's worth (although these shoes are a little on the cheaply made side). Ah well.


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