Thursday, August 27, 2009

Monochromatic and Squeaky Shoes

The new items in this outfit are the black top and the shoes.
The top is a perfect fit on me and is nice for wearing under a jacket. I like how the white piping picks up the white in the skirt. It's actually trimmed the same around the arms (double row of white), but the picture I took was so horrible and unflattering, I've deleted it. Another time.

The brand is I.N. San Francisco, which seems to be a junior's brand sold at Dillard's (I think I've been to Dillard's in the US, we don't have it in Canada).

The stuff:
I love the shoes - the detail on the toes is so cool - but the left one has a bad heel squeak. I don't mind too much, unless it's really quiet when I'm walking by.

I took tomorrow off - we are heading up to visit my in-laws for the weekend. See you on Monday!

Top (I.N. San Francisco, consignment), jacket (RW & Co.), skirt (Le Chateau), shoes (Be Mine, consignment).


  1. I like the print on the skirt a whole bunch!! SO cute!

    Have fun this weekend!

  2. Ooh, fun top! I like the piping, too.

    That's such a pretty skirt. I like the scale of the print on you - eye-catching but not at all overwhelming.

  3. I always feel I have to apologize to bystanders if my shoes are squeaking too loudly!

  4. I love that skirt. (I think I've said that before.)

  5. What a lovely skirt ! I also like the shoes.
    Well, I have to say it you look great :)

  6. Love the new shoes very cute! Cool cuff too. At least your shoes weren't farting. Gotta love when that happens.

  7. Man those shoes were noisy. Lol. Heck, we're all guilty of the ocassional farting/squeaking shoe. Another annoying one is the toenail on the top of the shoe rub noise. Bring out the KY!

    Love the top ;)

    p.s. my word verification word is "repent." why why why

  8. I'm in love with your shoes, don't care if they squeak, I find them truly adorable.

  9. Thanks, Bianca! The skirt is a favourite.

    Kari, thanks - yes, the print is just right.

    Ha, Wendy, I can just picture that.

    Thanks, Kasmira - yes, I think you have.

    Thanks, Lorena! You're so sweet.

    Alison, thanks! The cuff bugs me a bit because it's too big. Ha, yes, squeaking and farting would be awful.


    Ruth, you shush! Oh, I hate the toenail thing too, especially when the shoe rubs the nail polish off. Ha! You sinner.

    nurmisur, thanks!


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