Thursday, August 20, 2009

Shorts, and Uncropped

We've been having another lovely heatwave, although not quite as sweltering as last month's, so it was time to haul out the shorts for another wear before it's gone for good.
A pretty simple outfit. Meh, I have no strong feelings one way or another about it. It's there.

And, in preparation for the "Renovation Madness!" post this Sunday, I thought I'd show you what exactly I am working with right now: Amazing how much you can crop out, isn't it? On the left side,we have our entry hall, where you can see Inigo near the kitchen doorway, a taped up cabinet that doesn't belong there, and the front door. In the den are boxes of Christmas decorations, the arm of another computer chair, cans of paint (including screwdriver), closet doors, a dolley, a display cabinet from the library and L's little work table (that's where I take my "stuff" pictures, by the way).

It's just a tad crowded.

Onto the stuff!
Once I have room to empty out my closet, these shoes are gonzo. They have turned a funny colour, the soles are coming off and they are cracking. I had fun with the mixed bracelets today: the stretchy charm bracelet and the punk leather/stud cuff. I love Ruth's belt for the one bit of colour.

Shirt (Pink Martini, consignment), shorts (I.N.C., consignment), shoes (Miz Mooz), belt (Denvery Hayes, gift from Ruth), bracelet (charity auction), cuff (vintage), earrings (don't remember).


  1. May I just say that you have *great* legs for shorts? You look fantastic!

    Thanks for the extra info on True Blood - I'll have to give the series a try then!

  2. Cute; can you wear shorts to work, or were you home today?

    Good luck with the renovations! We are too scared to do anything to our place, but windows WILL be coming before winter does!

  3. I think your accessories kept it from being "meh." I like a crisp shirt with shorts.

  4. Wow, you are really up to your elbows in renovation! Love that cuff ... just nabbed its twin at a craft fair.

  5. This looks great on you !
    This is the type of look Michelle Obama should have sported when choosing to wear shorts!

  6. I like how the pretty, feminine blouse dresses up the shorts. Wouldn't surprise me if you could wear this to work.

  7. I love this look. You might feel blah about it but you look great!
    And I hate when I have to get rid of shoes. It makes me so sad haha

  8. What a perfect way to dress up shorts! This outfit is cute and cooling yet still appropriate for the office I would think.
    Best of luck with the renovations! I dread tearing out our icky carpet in the near future...

  9. Kari, you are too kind! I have horrid varicose veins, so I'm always self-conscious about my bare legs. Thank you! Cool, let me kow what you think about True Blood.

    Kristen, yes, I wore them to work - we have business casual, but it's much more casual than I usually wear. Thank you! One minor thing, and then we begin cleaning and putting everything back.

    Mervat, thanks!

    FashionAddict, thank you.

    Sal, yes, it's a crazy, chaotic mess. Awesome, looking forward to seeing you rock a cuff.

    Lorena, thanks. I read about that - I would hate to have my clothes under the microscope like that!

    Thanks, Zazzu! I most certainly did wear this to work.

    Kaylyn, thanks! I don't hate getting rid of shoes, because that means I can get more, haha!

    Leigh-Anna, thanks so much. Yes, it was definitely fine for the office. Thank you - I'm so glad I didn't have to deal with the carpet myself. It was worth every penny for someone else to rip it out and dispose of it.


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