Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Simple Outfit - Up to My Eyeballs in Home Renos

I feel slightly guilty for having such simple outfits lately (dresses, tops and skirts) and haven't really put much thought into accessorizing overmuch. My excuse is that L and I have been doing renos on our condo for the last month. First, it was the bathroom, and having no shower for a week. Then we decided to paint the living room, dining room, library and hallway...which led to us having to paint all the crown moulding, all the hall doors and trim AND the baseboards. And on Monday, we are having laminate wood flooring installed - it arrives tomorrow to "acclimatize" to our place.

So if I seem a little frazzled lately, that is why. This area in the den where I take my photos is one of the only clear areas in the entire house.
Anyway! Enough about that. This is my "zillions of ways to wear it" skirt - this is only the 2nd time I've worn it, and I haven't done anything different with it at all. Well, the stuff is different, so I guess that counts, right?

The noisiest bracelet ever - seriously, I sound like I am carrying around a bag of cutlery when I wear it. These shoes are almost ready to go - they are getting worn out and nicked.

Sweater (Jacob, consignment), skirt (Kariza, consignment), bracelet (Plum), earrings (holiday last year), shoes (Wild Diva).


  1. I love this skirt! I have just realised I have got two of them (after following the link in your previous post about it!) that I bought here in NZ. Mine are ankle length, but after seeing yours I may have to shorten at least one of them to get some more wear out of it this summer.

    I love that they are recycled! And silk! And that they feel so lovely and 'swishy' when you walk!

    Looking good! Good luck with the reno's, don't envy you:-)

  2. I'm intimidated by outfits meant to be worn millions of ways. So much pressure to come up with something new! ;-)

  3. Hey, you did wear it differently this time. (I think) I played with mine last night again finally. I really need to wear it soon. This week however I cannot. Too much time spent on my scooter. I'm living at work for the next 5 days. Too hard to get home.

    Good luck with getting the renos done. Your place will feel all brand new when you have completed it.

  4. Oh feh. Don't feel pressured to come up with ornate outfits! Everything you post looks chic and thoughtful, including this lovely ensemble.

  5. Renovations are a pain because you never finish.
    Every time you think it´s over, something else need to get done... but, it can be fun.
    There´s nothing wrong with simple you look fine !

  6. I love the way the black 'grounds' your skirt.

    ALl the best with the reno's!

  7. I agree with Wendy. So much pressure!

    I've been enjoying your simple outfits just as much, so keep doing what works for you!

  8. I love the chic black shoes with the little heels.

  9. Kiltsnquilts, thanks! How cool that you have a couple - you should shorten at least one of them so you have some variety. Yes, that swishy feeling is lovely.

    Wendy - me too! It's so much work to figure out other ways. Maybe I'm just lazy.

    Alison, nope, just the rest of the outfit is different - I wore the skirt the same way. You poor thing, I hope work gets better. Thanks very much - I can't wait to have these darned renos done!

    Thanks, Sal, I do know that I'm the only one who is putting any pressure on me. Thanks so much for the encouraging words.

    Lorena, oh, we will finish, mark my words! Thanks very much.

    Mervat, thank you!

    Tina, I know! Can't they just let us wear a skirt one or two ways? Thanks very much, hon.

    Lesa, aren't they adorable? I love kitten heels.


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