Saturday, August 8, 2009

Casual Friday - Purple Pleasure

I was off work sick on Thursday, so sorry for no entry. Thursday's outfit will be Monday's outfit now, which will take all the stress out of picking my Monday outfit, not that it's stressful picking outfits, but you know how Mondays are.

Anyway, I ate some bad Subway and spent Thursday in bed. So here's Friday:
I realized I haven't actually worn jeans in a while! Bizarre. I went all matchy-matchy and wore my purple shoes with my purple ruffled sleeveless blouse. I couldn't help it! I swear!

Added the boyfriend blazer and voila.

The stuff:
My way-cool Bronx booties, some silver stuff. The snake brooch is one of the oldest pieces of jewelry I own that is actually mine (as opposed to my grandmother's or consignment, etc.). I got it for Christmas from Santa (ha!) in 1983, I think. It originally had a red crystal teardrop hanging from the snake's head, but I cut it off and filed it down immediately - never wore it like that. Anyway, I have hung onto it all these years.

I just got home from the big dragon boat festival! It was awesome! I think we came in second in the corporate challenge - and we shaved 24 seconds off our time from the first race to the last (4th? 5th? I lost track) race. I'm beat...but it's Nick's birthday party tonight, so I'm going to have a nap and then put on some par-tay clothes. Woo! Will post those tomorrow.

Have a great weekend!

Jacket (Banana Republic, thrifted), blouse (Esprit), jeans (Esprit), booties (Bronx), belt (gift from Ruth), earrings (don't remember), bracelet (The Cobbler), snake brooch (Santa gift, 1983).


  1. I like this outfit so much! I love the lines of it - very nice.

  2. Your purple shoes are so beautiful. Are they comfortable? And your brooch is a great quirky item without being over the top. Of course, I must admit that I am really partial to snake jewelry since I had a boa back in college.

  3. What a terrific outfit. Looks just great.

    What did you eat at Subway that made you sick?

  4. So cute. Love the purple. and the shoes are really fun.

  5. Thanks, FashionAddict!

    Bianca, thank you.

    Tina, they are pretty good - they did make my feet rather sweaty, though, and rubbed a bit on one heel near the end of the day. Not too bad. You had a boa?? I would never have guessed!

    Zazzu - thanks and welcome! I had my usual turkey breast wrap - I don't know what was off.

    Alison, thanks!


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