Wednesday, August 26, 2009

And In Her Mouth An Amethyst - A Purple Flashback

I need more purple in my wardrobe. I felt totally "Sheila" in today's outfit, great all day. So many parts of it reminded me of good things.
For one, the black boyfriend cardi. I bought a long black boyfriend cardigan in 1986; I was with my friend Lynette (I miss you!) and it was at Smart Set at the mall. I wore that cardigan to death - and I only finally gave it up about 3 years ago when it was a shadow of its former self. It was the exact same fit and cut as this one, although this one is better quality and thinner in weight.

For two, the skirt. I'm sorry it's hard to see but it's a deep amethyst purple. It's silk satin, bias cut, with a ruffle on the bottom and oh, my goodness, I can't believe I almost didn't buy it. It's a Smoking Lily piece; they have very, very small collections, and they don't have many stores. There were probably no more than a dozen or two of these skirts made. Their designs are hand-made and hand-silk screened. They rarely repeat a design and discontinue styles annually.

This was $27 in a consignment shop. Yes, I scored.
For three and four and five, the stuff:
Three, the shoes. They are sexy, classy and out there.

Four, the belt. This is my vintage Le Chateau from 1986. Major flashbacks to my club days, long sleeveless dresses with this big belt. It's one of the few things I kept.

Five, the jewelry. My mom will be happy to see this - I bet she forgot about it. She and Dad gave me the ring and earrings and the chunk of amethyst on the chain when I was in high school. The heart is my baby locket (it's empty, but I used to keep my birth control pill in there 20 years ago). I don't know where the key came from.

All the amethysts reminded me of that Wang Chung song, "Dance Hall Days" (see title).

Amethysts were believed to keep you from getting drunk in ancient Greece - the word actually means "not intoxicated" in Greek.
Did you notice the pattern on the skirt? Silver chairs. I count at least a dozen different ones in this photo. I am a sucker for that kind of detail. Wow, just wow.

Cardigan (Express, consignment), cami (RW & Co.), skirt (Smoking Lily, consignment), shoes (Ralph Lauren, consignment), belt (Le Chateau, vintage), earrings, necklace & amethyst (gift from Mom and Dad), baby locket (mine!), key (unknown).


  1. That skirt is lovely! Beautiful pattern.

    I've never thought of using a locket to hold birth control pills - what an idea! It's a nice way to have them with you when you need them, though.

    I love the print on the skirt...I work in a furniture store...wouldnt that be awesome???

    Love the poem..

    And..You look so saucy!!

    Ps...I am blog :)

  3. I think this skirt is very sex-ay. I love this length so much better than anything very short!

  4. That pose with the hands on the hip and in the air is so Sheila to me.
    Lovely outfit and I love amethyst too - it's my birth stone.

  5. Wow, the skirt is aaaaahmazing.

  6. Ahhhh... the´s so different !!!! Love the pattern!

  7. OOOOHHHHHHHH how I love that skirt! Also love the key necklace I have one too, Etsy is going to be the death of me financially!

  8. Thanks, Kari! The locket only held one at a time, but it was handy to have it on me.

    Erin, thanks! How cool would that be? Smoking Lily probably did scarves with this pattern on it - I'll keep an eye out for you. Thanks, I will check out your new blog (your old one had a virus, I think - I got a warning when I visited from my antivirus).

    Thanks, Wendy! I love this length too - even more as I get older.

    Thanks so much, Imogen!

    Jane's back - yay! Ha, yes, I talk with my hands, so that is very much a typical me moment. Thank you!

    Sal, I know - I just love it.

    FA - thanks!

    Thanks, Lorena!

    Lesa, isn't it amazing? It's so cool. I love keys too.


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