Sunday, August 30, 2009

Casual Weekend - Nothing Goes With Mint Green

I am back from our weekend with my in-laws. I love the drive up-Island in the convertible, even though my hair gets all full of bugs, and the ferry over to the mainland. I did a little consignment/thrift shopping with my mother-in-law - and she bought me a pair of shoes! Woot!

Anyway, when we go visit, I scale back on the dressy stuff, since we're pretty much out in the boonies the whole time. This is my "travel there" look:
I do the layered tee in case I get chilled. I had fun throwing the disc around in the parking lot while we waiting an hour for the ferry.

My Saturday shopping outfit (yes, my eyes are closed and my hair is totally ass-tastic - this is what happens when I have no blow-drier):
My in-laws bought a new house a little over a year ago - it was a lovely warm neutral cream, which they hated, so they immediately painted the whole thing mint green. Why???

Mint green has got to be one of the most ugly colours in the world. It is suitable only for candy, baby clothes or old lady nightgowns. It is repulsive on the walls of an entire house.

This was an excellent shopping outfit - the shoes were very comfy. I also wore this skirt and the shoes out for dinner, with my pale yellow cardi and a cream cami underneath, but I forgot to take a picture. driving home outfit. Again with the really bad hair.
My mother-in-law is laughing at me. I wore the same Vans as in the first picture. This is a new t-shirt that I got last weekend - it's gold and silver and says, "Glamour Campaign" - it also has gold stitching on it.

So good to be home! I am looking forward to featuring the new items I bought this week (I still have some leftover from last week's shop too).

Red t-shirt (Libertalia), striped t-shirt (Majestic, gift from Caro), jeans (Esprit), bug necklace (Heart's Content), shoes (Vans), black t-shirt (BCBG Max Azria, consignment), jean skirt (Bebe Sport, swap), kitten heels (Rinaldi? can't read the brand anymore), grommet belt (gift from Ruth), gold and white gold hoop earrings, gold leaf cuff (The Bay).


  1. Nice to have a weekend away. I like the casual outfits. I wouldn't know what to with mint green. That is a weird color to paint walls. Must feel fresh and springy to them, huh?

  2. Hey, you look nice and comfy!

    I'm with you on the mint green...ick. I don't even like it for babies. Other shades of green can be lovely, though. Too bad they didn't choose a soft sage.

    I love that skirt you're wearing in the second photo.

  3. A-ha, this is the look you meant with wearing a graphic tee over the striped sweater. Looks great!

  4. Welcome home. I disagree - I think brown goes well with mint green. But the I hate brown too!
    Can you let us know more about your fast walking and how beneficial it is to fat burning. I've been told I can't run for a long time and terrified I will get fat! Can you still get that exercise high from walking?

  5. I reeeeaaallllyy like that layering you did... !
    Indeed that mint green goes with nothing...

  6. I'm with you on the anti-mintgreen movement! And those outfits are too cute!

  7. The mint green might be a generational thing. I've found that the insides of some of my closets (house is from the 1950's) are painted that color. Presumably, the walls outside the closet once matched.

    I think the mint green paint was followed by a peach fad, because I find that color in some of the strata, too.

  8. For some time I had my bedroom in my parents house mint green and it was so unconfortable, at night it turned kind of fluorescent.But with other things it might work.
    But your outfits are great for a weekend out.
    I sent you a Great Read Award, you are a great read! :)

  9. I like how your casual look is still edgy and "you."

    Glad that you had a good weekend with your in-laws! And I know I've said this before, but that denim skirt is just genius on you. I wish all skirts had such a flattering and interesting seam.

  10. It was, Alison, although I feel I need another one, stat! They had mint green walls in their old house too - I don't know what it is about that colour!

    Zazzu, thanks! I know...why not pick a colour that would be more neutral? Yes, that's one of my favourite jean skirts.

    Kristen, yes, I was thinking of you! Thanks!

    Jane - I did a whole post for you on walking. I disagree right back at you - mint green and brown is good for chocolates only, haha!

    Lorena, thank you!

    FA - thanks!

    Kasmira, yes, I think you are right - that is about the right era where their tastes have been frozen. Ugh, I remember peach...

    Nurmisur - yes! It is so glarey and bright, and bounces off all their ugly floral velvet furniture. Aw, thank you so much for the award!

    Kari, thanks, that was the plan! And I reiterate - that skirt was my best deal from that swap.


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