Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Pink and Green - Better Late Than Never!

Many months ago, Audi posted this contest on her blog. I didn't enter it. But I have loved pink and green together since I was little, when I had an embroidery kit that had pink flowers with green leaves (it also was of a koala, which I really loved).

When I bought my obi, I wanted to build an outfit around that pink and green.
I had to make both pink and green the accent colours, since I have very little of that kelly/mossy green in my wardrobe - this is a serious lack, which I will aim to remedy! I love green! But I generally loathe pink, so accent it stays.

I am wearing a green camisole under the (very see-through) white blouse. And my toenails are pink.

The stuff:
Another wonderful Smoking Lily obi. The print on the pink silk is in green and silver ink, of colour-by-number flowers. The back of it is silk shantung in olive green.

The necklace makes me think of bubbles...or olives in a martini!

By the way, yesterday was a stat holiday, so no Monday outfit! Yay! I avoided Monday!

Blouse (French Connection), cami (Esprit), skirt (Le Chateau), obi (Smoking Lily, consignment), necklace (gift shop on holiday), shoes (Qutie). Forgot earrings! D'oh!


  1. I so love a pencil skirt. So very much. This is so pretty. I love the obi as well.

  2. I love this look on you Sheila! And your obi belt is lovely!

  3. You look AMAZING! That is a great outfit.

  4. This is soo pretty and well put together..
    I love the shoes!

  5. That is an awesome obi and a fantastic outfit. Very flattering in both shape and color!

  6. Thanks, Bianca, me too!

    Diane, thank you!

    Wendy - you flatter me. Thanks!

    Sal, isn't it? I just love it.

    Sher, you are too sweet, thank you.

    Thanks so much, Lain!

    Hi again, Lorena! Thanks so much.

    Thanks very much, BAM!

  7. Christy, you are too kind. Thank you.

    Nurmisur, isn't it great? I have been wanting one for ages.


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