Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Ray of Sunshine

As always, when I'm feeling overwhelmed or a bit down, I wear some yellow. I'm amazed at how colour can affect one's mood. Yellow always makes me feel sunny, even if I'm only wearing a little. Haven't worn this dress in a while - better do it before summer is over! Simple again, with just the bangle and earrings, letting the pattern and colour do the work.

The stuff:
I love that big yellow bangle. And these shoes are so awesome - they are super comfy too!

I'm off to paint doors. Woot!

Dress (Kensie), cardigan (Vero Moda), shoes (Jones New York), bangle (thrifted), earrings (Book Club Swap).


  1. I like this dress. It's a good length on you!

  2. That bangle is FABOO! No wonder it perks you right up.

  3. Freaking awesome outfit Sheila - the dress! the shoes! I love this one, it's like candy.

  4. Love that pop of yellow! It even cheers me up :)

  5. Thanks, Hillary!

    Thanks, Kasmira - it's a little short when I belt it or when I sit, but I like this length.

    Sal, it's so cool - and I'm always reminded that it was only $4.

    Wendy - thanks!

    watergirl, thank you!

    Margaret, thank you so much, and welcome!

    Sher, thanks! It did the job.


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