Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Black and Brown Made Interesting

The goal for today's outfit was to wear the shoes again. These are so over-the-top; the pony hair zebra, the jewelled crest, the green trim! Ah, it makes my crow soul caw with joy. I thought I'd keep the clothes to a dull roar and pull out the interesting bits from my shoes into the other accessories.Not to sound (too) vain, but I really like that picture of me.

I'm wearing the moss-green textured tights (they're like fishnet only not fishnet, capiche?) to pull out the green trim on the shoes. The long copper and acryllic bead necklace was picked up on sale in one of my favourite shops last year. The earrings (clip-on) and bracelet are Grandma J's; she gave them too me around 1985. There is also a necklace with multiple links of the earring shape. The bracelet is marked (c) Renoir. My research tells me this is probably from the mid-50s.
Neither the necklace nor the earrings are marked, so I wasn't sure that they were also Renoir until I Googled copper Renoir vintage jewelry. Check out this ad from 1956:That bracelet has the same spring hinge as mine. And it's real copper - cool! I think the earrings and necklace, while similar, are not an exact match to the bracelet (the bracelet is a lot more polished).
Sweater (consignment, no tag), black skirt (Kenzie), shoes (Hale Bob), tights (Hue), copper/acryllic necklace (Plum), vintage copper cuff and earrings (Grandma J.).

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