Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Boho Last Gasp of Summer

We've been having unseasonably warm weather for the last couple of weeks, and I know it won't last forever, so I'm squeezing in as many summery things as I can before the rain comes.

I've only worn this skirt twice since I got it while on holiday in July:
And gotta get those sandals in before my toes are shut away for the next 7 months! I actually planned this outfit around the top, a plain navy rayon tee that I got on consignment over a year ago - I was cleaning out my t-shirt drawer (it's bulging at the seams) and found it, and felt completely guilty for not wearing it for months and months.

I have very little navy in my wardrobe, so voila! I paired the two items together, after agonizing over a belt (Red belt? too formal. Ah! the groovy belt Mom got me in London!) and jewelry for about 10 minutes before bed last night. This outfit had the potential to bomb, because I didn't "test drive" it. I had worries about how it would look at the waist, but I am pleased with it overall.

Here's a shot of the bohemian-inspired accessories: I always forget to put the bracelet on my right hand for photos - dang.

Ha, there's often a surprise in the outside edges of the pictures when I go to crop them:
Inigo in the hall, licking his paw after his dinner. Aw! Kitty!

Blue top (Zara Woman, consignment), gypsy skirt (no label, consignment), metal/stone belt (gift from Mom, London), brown leather sandals (Nine West), wood rose earrings, red bead bracelet.


  1. Love the skirt,and again, your jewelry, is it coral?

  2. The skirt was such a great find - and cheap! I love consignment shops.

    No, not coral, *lady d* - the earrings are painted wood, the beaded bracelet is probably ceramic beads or glass beads, and the stones on the belt are acryllic or plastic.


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