Thursday, October 16, 2008

The World's Noisiest Suit

I have only worn this suit once and after today, I recall why I don't wear it more. I keep checking the composition list to see if "paper" is listed as one of the fabric components, but no. It is just 95% cotton (with a bit of polyester and spandex to keep it from being a wrinkle-fest). I'm so conscious of it when I move though: scritch scritch scritch. Good thing my thighs don't rub like they used to!

A shot without the jacket:
I wanted to wear my gladiator Fluevogs to work, so a suit is the best way to take those sex-on-a-stick shoes into "okay for work" territory. Put a pretty yellow blouse with it to girly it up and I'm rockin'.

I didn't take the jacket off all day (as I would freeze and my fingernails would turn blue - damned air conditioning), so this is what I really looked like.

All professional...only WE know what was really going on:
Woo! I love those shoes! Naturally, I was hiking up my pantleg to show them to everyone, so it's not like I was hiding them or anything. Elaine gave me the cool drop bead earrings for my birthday - yay! Thanks, Elaine. And this is the necklace Cat gave me for my birthday last year - all handmade.

Suit (Esprit), blouse (Do & Be), cami (Plum), shoes (Fluevog), earrings (H&M, gift from Elaine), necklace (Cat, handmade).


  1. Love that buttery yellow color and the cut of the shirt! And great shoes, of course.

  2. Those shoes look so innocent tucked under the trousers.
    You are right - it rocks!

  3. It's one of my favourite shades of yellow - and I liked the blouse so much, I bought it in deep blue as well.

    That's the plan! :)

  4. Very fun shirt! And You shoes = very cute!


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