Monday, October 6, 2008

Birthday Week - Grey Dress

My birthday is this week - Thursday to be exact. I will be 41 years old. Gah - I don't feel that old!

Anyway, I have planned all kinds of nice things to happen for Birthday Week (having my glasses break was NOT one of them), including wearing some of my favourite clothes and outfits. Not too much effort...just comfortable, classy and slightly kooky, just like me. Ha!
This is my favourite pinstriped dress, with a new cardigan that I picked up at the favourite consignment store (it's mohair and wool and is very snuggly). I have a pulled hip flexor from wearing my old craptastic runners for too long (I also got new runners this past weekend), so low heels for today.

I do love a kitten heel. It's just so elegant and timeless...and makes one's ankles look so slim.

Dress (Le Chateau), cardigan (consignment, Jacob), shoes (brand no longer legible), gold filigree hoop earrings.


  1. Happy early birthday! You definitely don't look 41, so it's good you don't feel it. :) And I like today's outfit...simple but chic.

  2. Happy Early Birthday! Cute outfit! Very Simple but Nice as well, and i like your glasses, i may be biased because mine sort of look like them :-D

  3. Thanks! I figure, if I don't celebrate my birthday, my friends are too busy and hey, people forget, so to heck with it, I'm making it a Big Deal.


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