Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Birthday Week - Classy Pants

Today's good Birthday Thing: I got a cheque for $100 in the mail from my in-laws! Woo hoo!
It was rather windy out today, so my hair looks like ass. Rather boring outfit, but I like the vest and pants combo.

Striped shirt (Vero Moda), black pinstriped vest (Oxmo), mustard cami (InWear), black pants (Max Studio), gold t-strap shoes (Aerosoles), portrait necklace and yellow crystal earrings.


  1. I like the simple pants and vest combo, and the shirt is cute!! (i love button downs)

  2. LOve th elook. What are you going to spend the money on?

  3. Thanks! I'm not a huge fan of button-downs, myself, but I know their practicality in a work wardrobe.

    I plan to spend the money on something frivolous and pretty - hopefully a party dress. I'm going to Vancouver with my friend, Ruth, on Friday to shop, shop, shop! Getting all the basics (okay, party dresses and shoes) before I emulate you and stop buying new clothes for a year...although I plan to allow myself to buy in thrift or consignment stores.


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