Friday, October 3, 2008

Casual Friday - Dressed for Lunch with Mom

A dark raining morning today, so that meant a sweater and a jacket. I am not very well-supplied on fall/winter sweaters. I need more! I guess I will have to go shopping...oh, twist my rubber arm, haha. Note the purple flower on my lapel.I love these pants. I also have them in a brown plaid as well, which I bought first, then I found them in grey. The burgundy sweater is actually too big - it's one of my mid-weight loss purchases - so it's best underneath things (otherwise I'm constantly having to do bra strap checks), but I do love the sequin and bead detail at the neck.

Funny, when Mom showed up at work to go for lunch with me, we were wearing very similar outfits: she was in black suit jacket, red top, black pinstripe pants. She's so fashionable...thanks to me! Ha!

Man, I looked pretty sleepy this morning! Must have been that 1/2 bottle of wine last night.... Here's my lovely denim trench:And a shot of my earrings and my new-ish burgundy shoes.
Denim jacket (Bisou Bisou, consignment), burgundy sweater (Esprit), grey plaid pants (Vero Moda), denim trench (Jacob), shoes (Bleka), earrings (vintage store ages ago).

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