Monday, October 20, 2008

Purple Ruth Shoes

First of all, no comment on the hair. It poured rain all the way to work this morning - that's 40 minutes in the driving tropical downpour - and I have a severe case of "hood head".

I went to the consignment store yesterday, to take a break from napping and football-watching (oh, it's a tough life!), and I picked up this silky 100% cashmere sweater for only $34! I am a recent cashmere convert - it is the warmest, softest wool I have ever owned.
I love these cropped herringbone pants - a great consignment find last year (under $30 for lined wool Club Monaco? Get out!). But the star is the shoes. Ruth has these same shoes and she wore them on Friday so I knew I'd be safe wearing them today. You just have to love purple shoes.

Sweater (Expression, consignment), pants (Club Monaco, consignment), shoes (Bronx), purple stone/silver earrings, silver loop necklace (one of my summer holiday gift shop finds).


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