Sunday, October 5, 2008

Special Occasion - Dinner & Drinks

Friday night was dinner out with some of L's coworkers, out from back East. Of course, we took them to our favourite steakhouse - which is a fine dining establishment. This means a fancy outfit! Woo hoo!

Naturally, I'm not going to be dressed down for this occasion - break out the strapless party dress and the rocker chick accessories! Yeah, I know I wore the boots & belt already this week, but only my co-workers saw them.

I bought this purple taffeta dress from Jacob last Christmas (I wore it for our Festivus party) and have not worn it since. Inspired again by Kasmira's daring, I put it together with harder-edged accessories to make it still appropriate for fine dining, but very much unexpected. And this is always my goal: blowing people's expectations.

A close-up of the bag (from last Christmas as well), and the cross necklace, last seen at Alice Cooper: And a shot of my silver snake ring and my ear cuff, both of which are well over 20 years old.
I got the ring when I was a volunteer in the local museum gift shop - it was all of $35 - a lot of money for me when I was 18 years old! The ear cuff is a remnant from my metal days, haha.

Special Note: This is the last picture of me with these glasses.

Dress (Jacob), shrug (Debut), lace nylons (Hue), boots (Breckelle's), belt (Jacob), purse (Aldo), necklace (Plum), crystal stud earrings, silver ear cuff and snake ring.


  1. I hope the meal was as good as the dress - I love it.
    You look fab. What's happening with the glasses?

  2. Love your outfit! The dress looks great on you. Are you getting new glasses or contacts?


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