Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Blue Satin & Birthday Jewelry

*Sigh* I hate going back to work after a long weekend. I'm so dozy. However, I knew I would be, so I planned all my outfits out (except for Friday).

I got this top in Vancouver, at Tristan. I wish I'd bought a couple, since Ruth and I didn't really have time to do many of the stores. They had this in black and brown, as well as matching camisoles. Why I didn't buy a camisole, I do not know. They were only $10.50 and this top was only $24.50 (I do love the 1/2 price rack - every store has one!).
Of course, I'd freeze to death if I walked around all day with no jacket, so I added a jacket.
I lose my shape a bit when I don't wear jackets done up, but it's too pretty of a top not to show off.

I was pleased when I realized that the top matched the jewelry that L got me for my birthday (oh, he got me other stuff too: 3 CDs, a book and a board game):
Very pretty! I love the sapphire-coloured stones. I'm so lucky.

Jacket (Max Studio), blouse (Tristan), black sequined cami (Esprit), skirt (consignment, Jacob), shoes (Unisa), bracelet & earrings (Plum).


  1. you looked great today! i'm glad i didn't wear the same blouse (LOVE that 1/2 price rack! lol)

    and i loved the jewelery!! absolutely gorgeous! :)

    one of the disconcerting ones dang

  2. Lovely jewllery and you are right about the top - it's fab!

  3. that blue looks great on you and is absolutely lovely!

  4. Lol, Ruth, you're so silly. I will train you to the sale racks yet, missy!

    Yes, you're very bad. That's at least 2 parties you've missed.

    Thanks, ladies! You're so kind.


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