Sunday, October 26, 2008

Yellow and Grey Secretary

I went to a charity silent auction on Thursday night, so wanted to wear something fashionable. The charity is one of those ones that outfits women who are re-entering the workplace: they give them work clothes, accessories, make-overs, and hair and dental work is done for free. It's a wonderful thing to do for disadvantaged women, and I've donated a lot of clothing and jewelry to their cause. I adore silent auctions too! My nude photo shoot (see post below) was a lot that I won at a breast cancer charity silent auction years ago.

The event featured a retrospective of lingerie through the ages and they had models wearing some of it, including some burlesque girls. I went with Mom and Elaine and we all won at least one lot!I fell in love with this cardigan as soon as I tried it on - what a perfect fit and the colour is great on me (ha, I'm so full of myself!).

The scarf and the brooch are from my fat era - I have so few things from then since I had to replace all of my clothing when I lost weight.

Cardigan (?, consignment), skirt (Le Chateau), scarf (Fairweather), belt (Plum), shoes (Wild Diva), brooch (The Bay), crystal stud earrings.

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