Monday, October 27, 2008

Just Call Me Ron(da) Burgundy!

Today's outfit features two of my new acquisitions from our trip to Winners on Friday night: the shoes and the blouse.

I am always on the lookout for nice blouses, and this one had everything I like: neutral colours (but in a pattern for interest), good details (the neck bow and the pretty buttons) and good cut with superb drape to it. Too bad it's viscose; however, I see from searching around online that viscose rayon IS actually washable, if you're really careful with it, but since it has a low "wet strength" it could shrink up to 10%. Damn, this is fascinating stuff, man!

Oh, right, the outfit:
Rocking the 70s look today. I didn't dare mention the Ron Burgundy ("Anchorman") resemblance, or my coworkers would have ribbed me mercilessly. A shot without the blazer (although I had it on all day):
The new shoes:
On sale for $24! And they're even real leather! I'm looking forward to trying these out with a skirt too, although when I tried these on for L and Andrew on Friday night, both said they would look better with pants. Bah, what do men know? Ha!

Jacket (Nygaard Collection), blouse (Louben), cami (Esprit), pants (Mac & Jac), belt (Plum), shoes (Luichiny), faux wood/gold necklace, gold hoop earrings.


  1. These shoes are gorgeous..they could become a staple in my wardrobe and yes, wear them with anything you's ALL 'bout the shoes!!

  2. Agreed! Any pointy-toed shoe is good in my book.

  3. I want those shoes!!and your necklace too! You look fab Ron(da) lol!

  4. The necklace was so cheap, and I adore the shoes. Ha! thanks!


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