Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Blue Suit - Return of the Very Short Skirt

I had the skirt in my giveaway pile after wearing it in May, here: It was just too short with bare legs, especially for work. But you know, with tights, it felt just fine.
I love this suit - I bought the skirt first (knowing the sizes would go), then picked up the jacket a month or so later when it went on sale. The paint is wearing off the buttons (they are big black domes) and I've been touching them up with a black Sharpie, so eventually I'll have to replace them.

Check out the nice peplum back:
I love that. And I'm all about the details: such a nice collar, and it has bright blue satin lining!

I felt very chic in this all day with my funky shoes and my mile-long (looking) legs. I had planned to wear my new consignment belt over the jacket but it didn't look right when I changed at work this morning, so I left it off.

Blue wool blend suit (Le Chateau), sleeveless T (Lady Dutch), tights (Hue), shoes (BCBGirls), earrings (birthday gift from L).


  1. It looks fab. I have just taken a blue wool skirt to the tailors to be shortened.
    I have given you an Honest blog award!

  2. Let's hear it for the blue wool short skirts! Woo!

    Aw, thanks, Jane. :)

  3. Don't give it away!!!
    You look totally fab and sassy and
    This outfit is too cute!

  4. Fantastic outfit. I just love the back.
    And the shoes are gorgeous.

  5. I will keep the skirt, but save it for tight-wearing only.

    The shoes were a gift to myself for my 40th birthday.


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