Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Finished Painting: "Down the Alley"

My art teacher goes on hiatus in the summer - how dare he have a life with his wife and kids! haha - but now I am back to class and loving it. I finally finished my picture!
My buildings are not quite plumb, but I like the feeling of the man going from the real to the slightly surreal...the alley looks ominous.

The original photograph that I did this from was torn out of a National Geographic magazine. I was attracted to the deep shadow and the gorgeous oranges and yellows and reds in the sunset? sunrise? light.

I'm going to hang it in the bathroom.


  1. That picture would make a great prompt for my creative writing class. So many stories behind those shadowy walls. What a great piece of work.

  2. Please feel free to use it! Thanks very much.

  3. Wow!I'm now jealous that i can't make it to my art class anymore.
    Nicely done Sheila!

  4. Wow beautiful. Happy belated Birthday!


  5. Hey, Relish, good to see you. Thanks very much!

  6. Thanks very much, Jean. :) I really appreciate that.


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